Import Technician Training Program
Application Packet
Cerritos College
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, California 90650
…where community college education combines with industry
Import Technician Training Program
ITTP/Cerritos College
The Import Technician Training Program (ITTP) is a two year automotive program designed to upgrade the
technical competency and professionalism of the incoming dealership technician. The curriculum is designed by
various corporations and Cerritos College. The program involves not only attending classroom lecture and
laboratory on import products at Cerritos College, but also requires the student to work at an import automotive
The total program lasts about two years (six semesters) with approximately half of the time spent at
Cerritos College and the remaining time spent at a sponsoring dealership. Each specialized subject is dealt with in
the classroom and the laboratory on campus for a number of weeks and is then followed by related work experience
in the dealership. For example a typical 18 week semester is involves 9 weeks at Cerritos College followed by 9
weeks work experience at a dealership. After the dealership work experience is completed, the student returns to
Cerritos College for another 9 weeks of courses followed by 9 more weeks at the dealership. Summer semesters are
12 weeks in duration; sessions are 6 weeks at Cerritos and 6 weeks at the dealership. This rotation system continues
until completion of the program.
All tuition fees and textbook costs are the responsibility of the student. Currently, California community
college tuition is $26.00 per unit. Additional fees may apply i.e. student ID, health, parking, and lab fees.
Since the student earns while he/she learns, a considerable portion of the costs involved in the program are
offset therefore, the program is practically free! Earn while you learn. However, the program requires much effort
on the part of the student. And the efforts are well worth the benefits. The skills, knowledge, and potential of those
who complete the program are far superior to most automotive programs. The balance of qualities obtained forms a
basis for development and progress with the dealer’s organization.
Cerritos College ITTP helps import dealers train their future technicians.
That could be you!
This cooperative training program is allowed by Education Code 55252, Alternate Work Experience.
Table of Contents
Import Technician Training Program 2
Application Procedure Check List 3
Study/Work Two Year Schedule 4
Responsibilities of Participants 5
Uniform Requirements 6
Student Tool List 7
Cerritos College Map 8
Dealer Approval Form 9
Student Application 10
Import Technician Training Program
Application Procedure & Checklist
1. Complete the ITTP student application form (page 10) and submit to:
Automotive Technology
Attention: Leonard Glick
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650
2. Complete the Cerritos College application form. Available online. Use 806 as your
major code, and submit it to:
Admissions and Records
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650
Note: After your application has been processed by the admissions office you will receive a
student number. Keep you student number in a safe place; you will need it many times.
3. Take the assessment test at the assessment center.
4. Make an appointment to see a technology counselor in the counseling office. For an
appointment call – Phil Salazar, Counselor. (562) 860-2451 at Extension 2144
5. Get the dealer representative’s signature on your dealer approval form.
6. Take the dealer approval form to the automotive office.
Note: If you are accepted to the ITTP Program, you will be notified by the automotive
department. You should then contact the sponsoring dealer to reach an agreement on a trial
employment period prior to the start of classes. You should also reach an agreement with the
dealer on wage and uniform policy for the duration of the program.
For further information contact:
Leonard Glick Instructor/Coordinator
Import Technician Training Program
(562) 860-2451 Ext. 3085
Cerritos College Automotive Department
(562)860-2451 Ext. 3084
Department Fax (562) 467-5095
Import Technician Training Program
Cerritos College-Typical Two Year Schedule
Each 18 week semester is broken into two 9 week sessions; the 1st 9 weeks learning and the 2nd 9
weeks earning. Summer session is 12 weeks therefore broken into two 6 week sessions.
First Year
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
On Campus
Dealership Work Experience
On Campus
On Campus
Dealership Work Experience
Second Year
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
On Campus
Dealership Work Experience
On Campus
On Campus
Dealership Work Experience
Semester Courses Units
(1) Spring AUTO 151 Brake & Alignment 6
AUTO 73 Work Experience 3
(2) Summer AUTO 111 Engines 4
AUTO 73 Work Experience 3
(3) Fall AUTO 161 Electrical/Electronics 7
AUTO 73 Work Experience 3
(4) Spring AUTO 181 Tune-up/Emission Control 6
AUTO 73 Work Experience 3
(5) Summer AUTO 179 A/C and Accessories 4
AUTO 73 Work Experience 3
(6) Fall AUTO 121 Power Train/Transmissions 6
Total Units 48
Import Technician Training Program
Responsibilities of Participants
Prospective Student, Sponsoring Dealership, Import Motors Corporations, and Cerritos College
Cerritos College
Provide on-campus instruction
Provide academic advisement
Assist with dealership coordination
Keep sponsoring dealership apprised of student’s academic progress
Maintain student scholastic records
Furnish program information when requested
Prospective Student
Fulfill all employment requirements of sponsoring dealership
Maintain academic standards
Participate in all learning activities at the scheduled times
Be responsible for program costs: tuition, fees, books, tools, housing, mileage, etc.
Wear sponsoring dealership uniform during both college and cooperative work
experience phases of the program
Import Motors Dealership
Indicate interest in being a sponsoring dealership
Interview and select prospective student(s)
Provide “dealership-coordinated work experience” in accordance with the program
schedule and for the duration of the curriculum
Appoint an in-dealership coordinator to help develop trainee to full productivity level and
to work with The Cerritos College ITTP coordinator
Pay trainee during periods of dealership coordinated work experience
Provide related work experience while assigned to the dealership that supplements the
trainee’s most recent instruction (when within the dealerships capacity to do so)
Provide the new student employee with work uniforms in a manner consistent with other
dealership employees
Furnish Cerritos College with Import vehicles and components
Provide Cerritos College with essential training materials including: Import Vehicle
training center handout materials
Oversee and participate in student selection process
Provide import vehicle training to involved college instructors
Monitor all phases of ITTP to assure success
Import Technician Training Program
Uniform Requirements
The Import Technician Training Program at Cerritos College is comparable in the function and
operation to the area automotive service businesses. An important part of the automotive service
business, is for employees to look professional, as they represent the occupation in which they
are involved. Employers also wish for their employees to wear uniforms because of safety and
because they allow for neat appearance and promote customer relations.
One of the goals of the ITTP Program at Cerritos College is to help students develop their full
potential to become automotive service technicians. In achieving this goal, the professional
approach is stressed, part of which is wearing a uniform. Keeping in mind the need for a
professional image, the following requirement has been adopted:
1. The student will wear uniforms provided by his/her dealership
2. Uniforms will be worn whenever classroom or laboratory activities are being performed.
Compliance with the uniform requirement will be reflected in your evaluation
received in the course and can be a reason for not allowing a student to work in the
class or lab.
Import Technician Training Program
General Tool List
1/4” Drive U.S. & Metric
1 Drive ratchet 4/5” in length
1 Drive socket set
1 Extension 2”
1 Extension 6”
1 Drive handle
3/8” Drive U.S. & Metric
1 Drive ratchet 8” in length
1 Drive extension 1”
1 Drive extension 3”
1 Drive extension 12”
1 Drive deep socket set 6 pt.
1 Drive spark plug flex socket 5/8”
1 Drive spark plug flex socket 3/16”
1 Universal joint
1 Drive deep metric sockets: 6-19 mm
1/2 Drive U.S. & Metric
1 Drive ratchet 10” in length
1 Drive socket set 7/16 thru 1”
1 Breaker bar 18”
1 Drive extension 3”
1 Drive extension 10”
1 Adapter 1/4-3/8”
1 Adapter 3/8-1/2”
1 Drive impact socket 3/4” & 13/16”
1 Drive impact socket 19mm
1 Set combination box-open end 1/4-1”
1 Set metric combination 7-19mm
1 Set Allen wrenches-standard shank
1 Set metric Allen wrenches
1 Set standard flare nut wrenches
1 Set metric flare nut wrenches
1 Adjustable wrench 10”
1 Par slip joint
1 Pair diagonal cutting
1 Pair needle nose
1 Pair adjustable joint (channel lock) 12”
1 Pair vise-grip 10”
5 Straight blades 1 each: stub, small,
medium, medium large, and large
3 Phillips screwdrivers #1, #2, and #3
1 Set Torx drive screwdrivers
Miscellaneous Tools
1 Tool Box, with lockable drawers
2 Center punch
3 Punches 1/8, 3/16, and 5/16”
2 Chisels 7/16 and 5/8”
1 Plastic tip hammer
1 Set of ball-peen hammers
1 Rubber mallet
1 Pair safety goggles/glasses (instructor
1 Tire pressure gauge
1 Valve core remover
1 Hand file, flat w/handle 10”
1 Gasket scraper
1 Knife
1 Pry, pinch or crowbar
1 12 volt test light
1 Flash light w/batteries
1 Set flat feeler gauges U.S. & Metric
1 Oil filter wrenches
1 Brake tools: return and hold down
1 Brass drift
1 Measure tape
1 Inspection mirror
1 Box latex gloves
1 Pick-up magnet
1 6” steel rule graduated in 1/64”
1 Spark plug gapping tool wire type
1 Spark plug gapping tool slide type
Import Technician Training Program
Dealer Approval Form
Applicant Name: ___________________________________ Student No.:__________________
Dealer Interview: Discuss the following subjects with applicant. Satisfy yourself that the
applicant meets your standards.
1. EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: Review the applicants for a unique background. Prior training
or experience is not essential for success in ITTP, but may be valuable in certain instances.
2. SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE: Review the applicants’ potential to complete the academic work
required for graduation (if AA degree is pursued). This can be determined by interview, testing,
and consultation with the college or high school.
3. COMMITMENT: ITTP is approximately two-years in duration. The ITTP student must make an
honest commitment to complete all required courses.
4. EMPLOYABILITY: The applicant should be viewed as seeking permanent employment. Is this
person someone you could employ full-time once the required skills are learned?
5. CAREER INTEREST: The applicant should express a strong desire to be a professional
automotive technician. Are his/her goals consistent with dealership needs for the
next few
DEALERSHIP APPROVAL: I recommend this applicant for the Cerritos College Import
Technician Training Program and agree to provide sponsorship should he/she be accepted to the
Dealer/Authorized Representative Title
Dealership Telephone
Address City Zip Date
Please Submit the Dealer Approval form and completed Student Application to:
ATTN: Leonard Glick
Automotive Technology
Cerritos College
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650
Import Technician Training Program
Student Application
Name of Candidate: _____________________________________________
Last First Middle
Student No: ________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Street City State Zip
Email:________________________________ Birth Date______________
Do you have a clear driving record? Yes No .
Describe any accidents or tickets your record may show: __________________________________
High School Attended_____________________ Did you graduate: Yes-Year: _______ No
Did you participate in a high school automotive program? Yes No
Have you attended any college classes? Yes No
Where?________________ Credit hours earned_________ Dates of attendance____________
Classes taken: ___________________________________________________________________
Other educational experience (military schools, seminars, etc.): _____________________________
Work Experience: _________________________________________________________________
Career interest (Write a clear, definitive statement of your career interests): ___________________
Signature of applicant Date
Print Form