[name of landlord]
[landlord street address]
[landlord town/city, state, zip code]
Dear ____________[landlord name]
I am writing about the apartment/house I rent from you at
__________________________________________________________________[your address].
On or about [date you were locked out], you and your agents excluded me from the rental by:
[ ] locking me out and/or
[ ] calling the Sheriff to have me removed and/or
[ ] other:
You have no court order or Writ of Restitution permitting these actions.
The Residential Landlord-Tenant act, Ch. 59.18 RCW, and the unlawful detainer statute, Ch. 59.12
RCW make self-help evictions illegal. Your conduct violates the law.
Please note:
[ ] I have not abandoned the place.
[ ] I have no intention of abandoning the place.
I have been denied access to my residence since [date]. I am worried that you have allowed
unauthorized people to enter the place and remove my things. I will consider you responsible for any
loss or damage to my property that occurs before you return it.
Please consider this letter a demand upon you to restore immediate possession of the residence to
me. Please call at once at [your phone number] so we can work out how you will get the new key to
If you do not give me immediate access to the apartment/house, I will seek assistance from the
County Sheriff and/or the Superior Court to get back possession of the apartment/house.
Thank you for your cooperation.