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I, ________________________, designate as my health care surrogate under S. 765.202, Florida Statutes:
If my health care surrogate is not willing, able, or reasonably available to perform his or her duties, I
designate as my alternate health care surrogate:
I authorize my health care surrogate to: (Initials required in blank spaces below.)
_______ Receive any of my health information, whether oral or recorded in any form or medium, that:
1. Is created or received by a health care provider, health care facility, health plan, public health,
employer, life insurer, school or university, or health care clearinghouse; and
2. Relates to my past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition; the provision of
health care to me; or the past, present, or future payment for the provision of health care to me.
I further authorize my health care surrogate to:
_______ Make all health care decisions for me, which means he or she has the authority to:
3. Provide informed consent, refusal of consent, or withdrawal of consent to any and all of my
health care, including life-prolonging procedures.
4. Apply on my behalf for private, public, government, or veteran’s benefits to defray the cost of
health care.
5. Access my health information reasonably necessary for the health care surrogate to make
decisions involving my health care and to apply for benefits for me.
_______6. Decide to make an anatomical gift pursuant to part V of chapter 765, Florida Statutes.
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Specific instructions and restrictions:
While I have decision making capacity, my wishes are controlling and my physician and health care
providers must clearly communicate to me the treatment plan or any change to the treatment plan prior to
its implementation.
To the extent that I am capable of understanding, my health care surrogate shall keep me reasonably
informed of all decisions that he or she has made on my behalf and matters concerning me.
This health care surrogate designation is not affected by my subsequent incapacity except as provided in
Chapter 765, Florida Statutes.
Pursuant to section 765.104, Florida Statutes, I understand that I may, at any time while I retain my
capacity, revoke or amend this designation by:
1. Signing a written and dated instrument which expresses my intent to amend or revoke this designation;
2. Physically destroying this designation through my own action or by that of another person in my
presence and under my direction;
3. Verbally expressing my intention to amend or revoke this designation; or
4. Signing a new designation that is materially different from this designation.
My health care surrogate’s authority becomes effective when my primary physician determines that I am
unable to make my own health care decisions unless I initial either or both of the following boxes:
If I initial this box [_______] my health care surrogate’s authority to receive my health information takes
effect immediately.
If I initial this box [______ ]
my health care surrogate’s authority to make health care decisions for me
takes effect immediately. Pursuant to section 765.204(3), Florida States, any instructions of health care
decisions I make, either verbally or in writing, while I possess capacity shall supercede any instructions or
health care decisions made by my surrogate that are in material conflict with those made by me.
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