2019-2020 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Appeal Form
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A student who is no longer eligible for Federal, state* or institutional financial aid due to a failure to meet Satisfactory
Academic Progress standards and who has been placed on Financial Aid Suspension may appeal this status.
We recommend that you submit your SAP Appeal by July 31, 2020 to insure processing before the start of the Fall
semester. Fall and Spring semester appeals must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the end of the semester for
which you want to receive financial aid. Summer semester appeals must be submitted at least ten days prior to the last
day of YOUR summer class. Incomplete or appeals submitted after the start of the semester may jeopardize the
reviewing of your appeal in a time frame that would allow your financial aid to disburse. Incomplete appeals or appeals
submitted after the deadline may not be processed and your financial aid may be cancelled.
Please indicate the semester for which the appeal is to be considered:
Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Review your SAP status by signing in to your self-service portal (http://selfservice.ju.edu). Click on the red status
bar. This will take you to your SAP status.
e the following information from the SAP Details:
Cumulative GPA
Cumulative Pace
Check here if your appeal is based on a grade change or
grades earned after Spring 2020 (Disregard the next section and sign the form at the bottom of page two.)
e identify the primary reason for you unsatisfactory progress.
Disruptions related to the COVID-19 national emergency (including one or more of the following: moving to
online instruction, the closing of campus facilities, illness (you or a family member), the need to become a caregiver or
first responder, loss of childcare, economic hardship, inability to access wi-fi due to closed facilities, or an increase in
work hours)
Another life event in the last academic year (including one or more of the following: accident or illness (you or a
family member), death of a family member, or personal circumstances).
A complete appeal request will include the following:
This form
A typed explanation (email or word document) that includes the reasons and/or factors contributing to your lack
of academic progress
Third-party documentation that supports the reasons/factors contributing to your lack of academic progress
(For non-COVID related reasons only)
The o
utcome of this appeal will depend on the nature of the circumstances and the quality of the documentation the
student provides. All documentation submitted is confidential.
If your appeal for Federal aid is approved, financial aid will be reinstated for one semester. Failure to meet the standards
for satisfactory academic progress after one semester, will result in the suspension of Federal aid. However, an
academic plan will allow the student additional time to meet the standards for satisfactory academic progress. We
strongly recommend all students with an approved appeal complete an academic plan. Additional information about the
academic plan will be provided to all students with an approved appeal.
*Note regarding financial assistance awarded by the state of Florida: This appeal will be applied toward state assistance,
if you are eligible. EASE and FSAG require a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. The Academic level for Bright Futures
requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The Medallion level for Bright Futures requires a minimum cumulative GPA
of 2.75. Completion for state aid is not based on a cumulative calculation, but rather the hours completed during th
cademic year. More information regarding renewal requirements for state assistance can be found on the stat
website. (https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org
If your appeal for state aid is approved, state financial assistance will be reinstated for one year. Academic plans do not
apply to state assistance. Eligibility for the next academic year will be reviewed at the end of the spring semester.
I have read all of the information provided in this document as well as the Jacksonville University Satisfactory Academic
Progress Policy found on the JU website (
I am submitting a complete SAP appeal form. I understand that the financial aid appeal committee will not review a SAP
appeal form that is incomplete or lacks appropriate documentation. I also understand that the committee’s decision will
be mailed to me within 30 days after submitting the complete appeal.
Student’s Signature Date
nd your completed appeal to Charles Moore (cmoore@ju.edu)
r Office Use Only
Appeal Committee’s Decision: Approved Denied
Committee Chair’s Signature Date Financial Aid Director’s Signature Date