Richard D. Sanborn Endowed Scholarship Fund
Richard D. Sanborn was a distinguished attorney, transportation executive, civic leader, and
staunch supported of America's free enterprise system. He was an active member of the
Jacksonville University Board of Trustees. Following his death in 1989, Mr. Sanborns' friends
established this scholarship to honor him and to perpetuate his memory. They continue to
donate to this fund every year.
Born in New Hampshire, Mr. Sanborn always dreamed of working for a railroad. After
graduating from Harvard Law, he wrote to the presidents of all the major railroads and in 1961,
he became an attorney for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad in Jacksonville. He spent most
weekends riding the freight and passenger trains until he had covered every mile of the
railroad's tracks. This firsthand knowledge of train operations served him well in later years as
he worked his way up to the position of president and CEO of the Seaboard Coast Railroad in
1982. Under his leadership, many of the railroads were reorganized to form CSX
Transportation. He was then made Chairman, President and CEO of Conrail.
Awards will have a value of at least $1,500 and will be divided between fall 2019 and spring
2020. Scholarships will be payable to Jacksonville University in the name of the scholarship
winner and may be used for school charges not covered by other grants or scholarships.
1. You must be pursuing a major in the Davis College of Business;
2. You must be an undergraduate sophomore or junior at the time of application;
3. You must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA;
4. You must have worked to help pay your tuition, demonstrate leadership and show
potential success in the business world;
5. You must submit a short essay telling a story about yourself for review by the
scholarship committee;
6. You must provide an unofficial transcript.
Apply for the scholarship using the below application. Return a) your completed
application, b) a copy of your current unofficial JU transcript and c) your essay to the
Dean's office in the Davis College of Business or email
by March 18, 2020.
Richard D. Sanborn Endowed Scholarship Fund
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Please return completed application, the essay, and an unofficial transcript to the
Davis College of Business Dean’s Office or email by March 18, 2020.