Center for Student Success
Swisher Library, 3
Tutor Applicant Screening Questions
Name:_____________________________________ JU ID #:_____________________________
Please answer the following questions as completely as you can & thank you for your interest in tutoring!
1) What majors and minors are you pursuing at Jacksonville University?
2) What is your cumulative GPA?
You must be able to tutor a minimum of 10 classes to become a tutor. You also must be willing to
tutor all of the lower-level prerequisite courses in your majors. (For example: If you are an
accounting major, you must be willing to tutor MATH 112.) There will be NO exceptions.
3) What courses are you able to tutor? (Look at your transcript & dont forget to send it in with your app.)
4) What led you to want to be a tutor at Jacksonville University?
5) What would you consider to be the essential elements of a productive tutoring session?
6) What else you would like me to know about your background that would make you a good tutor??
Please send your answers as an email attachment to Pat Krauss at
This form must be submitted to be considered for a tutoring position.