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Dear Prospective Tutor:
Please fill in the “Student Information” portion of this form.
Give this form to a faculty member who knows your work very well.
Be sure to thank them for helping you!
Student Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Email: Phone Number: _________________________
Expected Graduation Date: _________________ Major/Minor: ____________________________
Faculty Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Email: Phone Number: _________________________
Dear Recommending Faculty:
Please tell us whether or not you believe this student is qualified to become a peer tutor at JU.
How did they perform in your class? How did they relate to their classmates? Can you tell us
about any exemplary moments you experienced with this student? Do you have any
reservations about this student tutoring in this subject?
Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about this candidate! A brief job description is
on the following page for your reference. Please know that all referrals are kept confidential.
Please return this form or send an electronic copy to:
Pat Krauss, Success Center Coordinator
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Fl. | #307
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Center for Student Success
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G:\Tutor - HIRE - JU\Peer Tutor Referral_Faculty plk 7-15.docx
Peer Tutor Responsibilities and Qualifications
Peer tutors provide individual and small group tutoring to all Jacksonville University students.
Their main goal is to provide each student with the tools needed to achieve academic success.
Beyond sharing content expertise, peer tutors need to gently, but firmly encourage each student to
become an independent learner and problem solver. Peer tutors act as coaches, teammates, and
role-models. Skillful communication and confidence building are integral parts of the
tutor/student relationship.
Exemplary peer tutors possess a positive outlook, a strong desire to help others succeed, and a
deeply empathic nature. Initiative, conscientiousness, punctuality, courage, humor, and academic
excellence are also required.
Main Responsibilities
1. Maintain mastery of the subject matter being tutored
2. Complete 10 hours of Tutor Training & ongoing training each semester
3. Offer tutoring that is student-centered
4. Hold tutorial sessions in the assigned area at the assigned time(s)
5. Establish supportive relationships with students, faculty, and staff
6. Communicate well and cooperate with students, faculty, and staff
7. Accept and respond to evaluations of your work by students and supervisors
Required Qualifications
Be currently enrolled at Jacksonville University
Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
Maintain a B average or higher in courses of tutoring expertise
Display enthusiasm for learning & helping others
Demonstrate strong interest in tutored subject matter
Show a deep desire to help other students with their individual learning process
Understand various learning strategies and learning environments
Recognize that students have unique learning styles
Have great initiative and a strong work ethic
Demonstrate reliability and punctuality
Be greatly respected by their professors!
Thank you for supporting the Center for Student Success!