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2. A 25% deposit must accompany kit orders.
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4. Kits must be paid in full before they can be shipped.
5. $500.00 non-refundable if order is cancelled.
6. Payment in U.S. funds: check, money order, or Visa/
7. Kit/plans orders must be in writing (mail, email or FAX).
8. Prices are ex-works Aurora, Oregon.
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10. Van’s Aircraft, Inc. cannot assist in certifying kits out-
side the USA.
11. Prices are subject to change without notice.
12. For European, Australian, and NZ customers, see
European order form. (GTR-200 many not be used).
13. No items may be deleted or returned from E-LSA
Do not submit Credit Card information via email! If you plan to email your order form to Vans and pay with a credit card, please omit any credit card
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Standard Avionics Kit: Note for Pre-August 2017 FUSELAGE KITS only. Not for RV-12 iS
Dynon SkyView HDX (ready-to-install unit includes 10" HDX Display, SV-ADAHRS-200 Attitude reference module, SV-XPNDR-261 Mode S
Transponder, SV-GPS-250 GPS receiver, SV-BAT-320 Backup battery, SV-EMS-220 Engine Instrumentation Module w/probes, SV-SYNVIS-
280 Synthetic Vision Module, SV-MAP-270 Moving Map software with USA FAA Navigation Database.)
Garmin GTR-200 Com radio/stereo Intercom ●ACK E-04 ELT ●Switch/fuse panels and control units ●Wiring harnesses
and mounting hardware
NOTE: International customers must purchase Jeppesen or Pocket FMS data separately.
BUILDERS OUTSIDE USA: to ship your ELT, we must program it with your airplane’s 24-bit Hex Code
(Mode S Code) provided by your country’s registration authority. Please write this code in the box at right:
Standard HDX Avionics Kit
14401 Keil Road NE, Aurora, Oregon, USA 97002
PHONE 503-678-6545 · FAX 503-678-6560 · www.vansaircraft.com · info@vansaircraft.com
Service Letters and Bulletins: www.vansaircraft.com/public/service.htm
E-Mail to: kits@vansaircraft.com
Note to International customers: There are items in the Avionics Kit that are considered 'hazardous materials'. These items will be shipped separately
and could incur additional shipping/handling charges. For more information, contact Van's Shipping Department.
TOTAL ORDER (if using fillable form leave blank)
METHOD OF PAYMENT (if credit card, enter number/exp. date) Exp.
AMOUNT ENCLOSED (Credit cards can only be accepted for the initial 25% deposit. Balance must be paid by cash, check
money order or bank transfer.)
Optional Dual HDX EFIS Touchscreen - Includes right panel and add-on HDX 10” Skyview screen.
Optional Autopilot Servos -
(p/n RV-12 AP SERVO KIT-SV. Servo wiring/mounting hardware included in fuselage kit)
Optional Skyview ADS-B IN -
Allows Skyview-equipped RV-12s to access FAA broadcast weather, TFR and traffic info in
flight with no subscription fees. Includes Dynon ADSB-472 receiver, antenna, and all required wiring and hardware. USA only.
Optional Skyview ADS-B OUT -
Includes 2020 Compliant GPS receiver. Deletes GPS-250. USA only.
Optional Skyview Autopilot Knob Module -
Allows independent control of Autopilot, Altimeter setting (BARO), Head-
ing bug, and Altitude bug. Not compatible with European Avionics Kit.
$ 14,850.00
$ 1,615.00
$ 4,700.00
$ 990.00
$ 550.00
$ 950.00
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