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1. Kit prices are prices in effect the day order is received.
2. A 25% deposit must accompany kit orders.
3. Customer-instigated delays may result in price increas-
4. Kits must be paid in full before they can be shipped.
5. $500.00 non-refundable if order is cancelled.
6. Payment in U.S. funds: check, money order, or Visa/
7. Kit/plans orders must be in writing (mail, email or FAX).
8. Prices are ex-works Aurora, Oregon.
9. Freight charges are prepaid or collect, depending on
10. Vans Aircraft, Inc. cannot assist in certifying kits out-
side the USA.
11. Sign & return Vans Aircraft standard Waiver and Re-
lease of Liability Agreement.
12. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Do not submit Credit Card information via email! If you plan to email your order form to Vans and pay with a credit card, please omit any credit
card information from the form and either call us with your CC# or use Vans Webstore to make a secure online payment.
QUICKBUILD KIT (includes wings and fuselage) if ordering QuickBuild Wing-only Kit or QuickBuild Fuse-
lage-only Kit, use Standard Order Form
OPTIONS (enter total from reverse side of form (if using fillable form leave blank)
FINISHING KIT Finishing Kits are available for Lycoming (I)0-540 engines only. $16,810.00
TOTAL CRATING CHARGE (if using fillable form leave blank)
TOTAL ORDER (if using fillable form leave blank)
METHOD OF PAYMENT (if credit card, enter number/exp. date)
AMOUNT ENCLOSED (25% minimum deposit required)
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Customer Number of Previously Completed/Flown RV: ___________________
E-Mail to: kits@vansaircraft.com
Some optional kits are best installed during construction are shown here. See Vans Accessories Catalog for more choices. Enter the amount for the
option in the box on the right. Add the total for each airframe kit and enter the amount on the front of the form.
Circle the crating charges that apply, total, and enter the amount on the front of the form.
Name: _________________________ Date: _____________ Customer Number: ______________
CRATING CHARGES (these are NOT shipping charges)
Empennage Wing QB Wing Fuselage QB Fuselage
Standard $90.00 $90.00 $410.00 $160.00 $610.00
TOTAL CRATING CHARGES: ENTER ON FRONT OF FORM. (if using fillable form leave blank)
ELECTRIC AILERON TRIM: Installation kit and servo motor. Operates independently from autopilot.
LANDING LIGHTS Specially designed to fit in RV-10 wingtips. Includes lamps and all necessary hardware to put 75w
landing/taxi light in both wings. Vans p/n: LL10MR-16
FLOAT FUEL SENDING UNITS Arm with float senses fuel level. Works with Vans gauges and many other resistance gaug-
es. Fits standard cover plates in wing kit. Includes gaskets. Two supplied -- one for each wing. P/N IE F385B/C
STATIC AIR KIT Static ports and plumbing. Installs in rear fuselage cone. P/N STATIC-KIT $19.00
FLAP POSITIONING SYSTEM Stops flaps at pre-set positions. P/N ES FLAP POS SWV 10 $225.00