Revised: 6/19/2019
All previously dated material is now invalid.
College NOW
Please type or print.
STUDENT’S LEGAL NAME ___________________________________________________________________
Last First Middle
MAILING ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip
COCC ID (if known) _______________________________ CELL/HOME PHONE ________________________
NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL _________________________ TEACHER _________________________________
If a student is doing poorly in their credit class, they may decide to drop the class to avoid having a poor
grade on their college transcript. The last day to drop a class will vary depending on the dates the
class starts and ends. See the dates for your school on the College Now High School Calendar page.
It’s the student’s responsibility to complete and sign this College Now Drop Form and submit it to the
high school teacher if they choose to drop the class. The form is found at
There is no refund if a student drops a College Now class.
College Now deadlines are final and are not subject to the petition process.
Course Number
Course Title Credits
Student signature, attesting that all information above is true Date
Teacher signature, approving drop or withdrawal Date
Instructor: Sign, and then mail, fax, or e-mail completed form to:
College Now Office
Central Oregon Community College
2600 NW College Way
Bend, OR 97703
541-504-2930 (phone)
541-317-3071 (fax)
For COCC Office Use Only:
COCC Student ID: __________________ Date Received: __________________
CRN: __________________ Term: ________________________ (circle one) D / W