We are dedicated to providing an outstanding YouthCamp@COCC program for all
participants. To accomplish this goal, participants are expected to behave appropriately and promote a safe,
fun and healthy environment through productive participation. We aim to promote character values of caring,
honesty, respect and responsibility in all aspects of our camp program. We ask that all participants and
parents/guardians review this code together, sign the bottom and return in the enclosed postage paid
envelope, along with the other release forms. Thank you.
As a participant in YouthCamp@COCC, I will:
Be respectful, cooperative and contribute positively to the experience of fellow participants.
Be careful and considerate that my actions will not hurt another participant’s feelings or hurt them
physically, either intentionally or accidentally. I understand that pushing, kicking, hitting or fighting are
not acceptable behavior will not be tolerated and will be grounds for suspension/dismissal from the
camp program.
Show respect to the instructors and camp staff and cooperate fully with their instructions, following
directions at all times.
Respect the rights and beliefs of others, and treat others with courtesy and consideration.
Respect the property of others, including all college property and equipment/supplies.
Never mark, deface or destroy college or personal property or nature.
Conduct myself responsibly. I understand that horseplay, inappropriate touching, unwelcome
teasing/bullying or other unkind behaviors are not allowed and will not be tolerated.
Communicate in an appropriate manner, which means I will not use foul language or gestures, harsh
words or raise my voice.
Adhere to all safety rules and regulations given for each activity he/she participates in while at camp,
and use care in all activities.
Wear appropriate attire to camp each day. Closed toe/closed heel shoes are suggested (and are
required for Culinary Camps). Clothing that covers and does not cause a safety hazard, nor distract
from camp activities.
HAVE FUN – but not at the expense of others.
Participate in all activities to the best of my ability.
Not bring weapons, look-alike weapons or objects that may be used to threaten, intimidate or harm
others or to damage property.
I understand and agree to the above Code of Conduct Agreement. I agree to follow the Code of Conduct
Agreement to the best of my ability. If I have any trouble with any points, I will be referred to the Camp
Coordinator for disciplinary action. I understand that violation of the Code of Conduct can be grounds for
automatic suspension and dismissal. If a participant is suspended during camp, no refunds are given.
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