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Event Assistance Request
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Attach this form to your Campus Services helpdesk ticket
If you require audio/visual equipment, please submit an IT help desk ticket. Outside rentals specify IT needs in Event Details
Event Name: ____________________________ Event Date:______ Start Time: ________End Time: _______
Event Coordinator: _________________________________ Department: ___________________________
Has the room/location been reserved/approved: __Yes __Pending __ No Expected head count: ________
When would you like the set-up complete by: ____________________ When does the event end: _________
Location of Event:
Check Items you will need
Quantity requested
30" x 60" gray rectangle tables
43, 16--for Wille Hall
30" x 72" gray rectangle tables
18" x 60" light brown rectangle tables
52--for Wille Hall
5' diameter round tables
13--for Wille Hall
Black chairs
216--for Wille Hall
Folding metal chairs
United States/ Oregon
___ USA ___ Oregon
floor and desktop models
___ Floor ___ Desktop
ADA walk way
800 pieces, each piece is 12" X 36"
Tents 10' x 10'
3 (With Grounds permission)
Tent 20' x 40'
1 (With Grounds permission)
Trash Cans
8' X 4' sections--8 sections in total
Stage set-up orientation:
Stairs and Stage skirting
___ Stairs ___Skirting
Sandwich Boards
Additionally requested items:___________________________________________________________
Will tables need to be set-up for Sodexo/Catering? : ___ No ___ Yes, Where:_________________________
If using tables and/ or chairs, what style of layout would you like? (Check the box)
Event Details: please provide any information that may be helpful to our event crew.
If needed, download a floorplan, sketch your layout (tables, chairs, stage) and include with your helpdesk ticket
Additional questions regarding the Event Assistance process please view our web page or contact Campus
Services at 541-383-7701 EXT 2066
Revision 07/24/2018
See attached
floor plan