1. Apply for admission
Complete the online COCC admissions form. The admissions process will vary
slightly depending on your student status (new, returning, transfer, etc.). Contact
Admissions and Records if you have any questions!
2. Placement testing
COCC uses placement tests to help determine your skill level in writing and math.
Placement tests assess academic skills and help place you into the right level of
courses and may meet a program/course prerequisite. You can find more details
on placement testing requirements and options by visiting COCC's Placement
Tests web page.
3. Get Financial Support
Financial Aid: the first step is to fill out the FAFSA. COCC offers FAFSA and ORSAA
workshops on every campus prior to the start of term, or you can contact the
financial aid office if you have any questions.
Veteran Benefits: first, apply for benefits with Veterans Affairs at least 6
weeks before you plan to start classes. Then check out the Veteran
Benefits page for more information.
Scholarships: you can apply for COCC Foundation scholarships or private
scholarships visit the scholarships page for more.
4. Register for an upcoming Bobcat Orientation
Bobcat Orientation is an option but highly recommended workshop held the
Friday before each new term for new, returning, and transfer students. Whether
you are taking online or face-to-face classes (or both!), attending a Bobcat
Orientation session will orient you to the COCC campuses, technology, instructor
expectations and more, as well as giving you the opportunity to speak with
advisors and financial aid, pick up your ID, and more.
5. Complete the Orientation for Online Courses
You must complete Online Orientation before you can register for your first
online class at COCC. Completing the Orientation takes about an hour, and will
give you important and specific information you will need to be successful taking
online courses. This orientation is a required prerequisite for any online students,
and can be completed at any time leading up to registration.
6. Review COCC's Technology Requirements
If you're taking online classes, knowing that your computer - or access to a
computer lab - meets our standards for capable technology and software is really
important! Make sure you're prepared by reading through our Technology
Requirements page. You can also Tour a Blackboard course to see what kind of
environment you'll be working in as an online or hybrid student.
7. Read the Netiquette Guidelines
Online communication is unique, with its own set of 'rules' to guarantee a
smooth experience when working in your online classes. Read through our guide
to avoid committing a blunder online, and ensuring good communication
between yourself and your peers and instructors.
8. Register for classes
Register for classes online through your Bobcat Web Account. Detailed
information about how to register is available on the registration website. Your
COCC ID is set up when you are admitted and the default password is your
birthday (mmddyy). If you have forgotten your username or password, use the
links on the login page to get help.
9. Visit the Student Resources Page
In Blackboard, you'll see two tabs at the top of the main page: eLearning and
Student Resources. Each page has a collection of on-demand links to COCC
resources, like the CAP Center, Testing and Tutoring, Disability Services, and the
Library, as well as technology tutorials and other self-help guides. Be sure to
familiarize yourself with these two pages!
10. Login to your classes!
Making sure you log in to each of your online classes as soon as possible during
the first week of classes is really important. The COCC attendance policy allows
your instructor to give your seat to someone else if you do not participate during
the first week. If you are unable to log in on the first day, contact your instructor.