Youth Dream Big Fund Guidelines
The City of Mandurah is committed to financially supporting the initiatives and goals of young
people through the Youth Dream Big Fund.
The fund is designed to support young people achieve something great.
This may be to achieve a specific goal or dream or further develop a skill or talent.
Individuals can apply for up to $350
Organisations can apply for up to $500 to contribute toward a specific program or activity
thatdevelops young people
The fund is open all year round, subject to funding availability.
Who Can Apply?
Young people aged between 11 – 25 who live in the City of Mandurah.
Not for Profit Organisations running educational or development opportunities that benefit young
people who live in Mandurah.
We Look for:
Applications that support young people developing at least one of the following areas;
Leadership, confidence or life skills
Educational opportunities outside of usual school options
Enhancing Mandurah’s vibrancy and culture
Developing and / or delivering a project that makes a dierence to the community
Sporting achievement that requires interstate or overseas travel, where funding isn’t
availablethrough other sources (check the City’s Outstanding Representative Donation
A clear plan that shows:
What you want the money for
What the benefits are for the young person and/or community
How the funds will be spent (budget)
Organisations applying must be able to demonstrate that three or more young people have been
oered discounted fees to the project or program they are applying for.
What CAN be funded
Registration or course fees
Accommodation costs
Training fees
Expenses related to volunteering or a project improving the local community
What will NOT be funded
Reimbursement of activities or programs held in the past
Applicants who have already received money from this Fund in the same financial year
Costs already funded by another grant
Sporting activities held within WA, or where funding is available for that purpose
Costs relating to fuel, utilities such as phone or electricity costs, or consumables such as
foodand beverages
Application process
Be sure to read the application guidelines to ensure you are eligible.
Complete the below application form, then email to:
subject line: Youth Dream Big Fund Application
If your application is successful, you will need to submit a short report (acquittal) within three
months of completion of your project. If this is not received, you will not be eligible for any
further funding.
If you don’t spend the funds on your project you will need to repay the City of Mandurah. Please
notify us as soon as possible.
Further Information
Contact the Youth Development Team
9550 3674
E: T: 08 9550 3670
41 Dower Street, Mandurah WA 6210
Youth Dream Big Fund Application
Your Idea
Applicant’s Name
Age of Young
Current School /
Email address
(daytime contact)
Bank Account
(for depositing funds if
application is successful)
Account Name:
Account Number:
Project Title:
What do you want to do?
(What, When, Who, Where)
Please attach additional information or references that will support your application eg: websites, fliers, quotes
What do you hope to achieve? Describe the benefits to yourself and/or the community
Have you previously applied for the Dream Big Fund?
If Yes, When?
Will the Dream Big Fund cover all expenses associated with this project?
If No, how will you cover the rest of the costs?
Expenditure Item $ Amount
List the costs associated with your project
Oce use only
Actioning Ocer Name
Ocer Recommendation
Partial Approval
Approved amount $
Reason for part approval
or unsuccessful
Manager Assessment
Partial Approval
Manager Signature & Date
Applicant Signature:
(Parental Signature required if applicant under
18 years of age)
Parent/Guardian Name
click to sign
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