This approach involves learning how to use mindfulness to let go of worri-
some or negative thinking. The purpose of this worksheet is to record your
practice of using mindfulness when distressing thoughts occur. Use the Let-
ting Go Scale to rate how well you are able to ‘let go’ of negative
thoughts. You may need to refer to other Mindfulness information sheets.
Letting Go with Mindfulness
Basic Steps:
1) Ask yourself, what am I experiencing right
now? What thoughts are around, what feelings,
sounds, and body sensations? Allowing yourself to
just acknowledge and observe these experiences
without trying to change them or answer the
thoughts back. Spend 30 seconds to 1 minute just
doing this.
2) Now bringing your focus of awareness to
your breath, focusing on the sensations of your
breath as it moves back and forth in your belly.
Bind your awareness to the back and forth
movements of the sensations in your belly from
moment to moment, and let all thoughts go.
Spend about 30 seconds to 1 minute doing this.
3) Now expanding your awarness to sensing
your whole body breathing, being aware of
sensations throughout your body. If there are any
strong feelings around, try saying to yourself
“whatever it is, it is OK, just let me feel it.” Allow
yourself to breathe with the feelings,
acknowledging and letting go of any bothersome
thoughts. Maybe saying to yourself, “let go” on
each out breath. Continue doing this for about 1
4) After finishing the previous
steps, complete the table and
rate how much you were able
to let go of the negative thought.
Not at all
Completely let go
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
entre for
Day/Date Letting Go
Rating Before
Describe what happened when you engaged in Mindfulness.
What was difficult or easy about letting go of the negative thought, what tech-
niques did you use to practice mindfulness, what feelings did you notice?
Rating After
Letting Go Scale
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