entre for
Problems & Stressors
Coping Resources
Barriers to
Effective Coping
Strategies for
Overcoming Barriers
Recent Past:
Future (Anticipated):
Coping Resources Worksheet
In the first column on the left, write down possible sources of stress, problems in the
recent past, or anticipated stressors (remember positive events may be stressful as well).
Then, in the ‘Coping Resources’ column, list the strengths and qualities you have that
may help in your coping with problems. Also, identify any external coping resources,
such as, friends, family, doctor, etc. Then, identify factors that might interfere with
effective coping. These barriers may be internal, eg, beliefs and attitudes, or external, eg, unemployment,
heavy workload, tight deadlines, etc. How can you overcome these barriers? Write down all the useful
strategies you can think of in the last column.
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