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Virtual Facilitation Observation Form
Observer: Date(s) Observed:
Opens with interactivity
Greets learners upon entry
Invites immediate interaction at the start of the session
Creates a comfortable
learning environment
Creates a welcoming and inclusive online environment
Teaches how-to-use platform tools as needed
Adapts content to make it relevant to learners (i.e. stories,
examples, etc.)
Engages learners
Limits own airtime by inviting learners into the conversation
Creates opportunity for discussion and dialogue
Draws out learners who are silent
Asks questions
Asks specific, precise questions
Gives instructions for how to respond to each question
(i.e. poll, chat, raise hand, verbal, etc.)
Refers to, but doesn’t read, slides
Maintains a learner-centered mindset
Builds rapport
Shows interest in learners
Uses learners’ names
Makes the most of their
media (voice and webcam)
Speaks clearly and audibly
Conveys enthusiasm for the topic
Sounds energetic and confident
Appears confident and professional on webcam
Uses technology effectively
Uses platform tools with ease
Handles technology challenges without disruption
Partners with producers
and/or co-facilitators
Has established clear roles and responsibilities
Has seamless conversational transitions
Additional Comments: