Version 2.3
1. Copyright statement
I hereby grant to the Bond University or its agents the right to archive and to make available my
thesis or dissertation in whole or in part in the University libraries in all forms of media, now or
hereafter known.
In regard to the digital version of the thesis I have clearly separated and identified all the parts
that have been previously published. Where copyright has been transferred to a publisher I have
gained permission/s to leave the publications in the digital version when it is placed online in the
University’s digital repository, e-publications@bond.
I have attained all copyright permissions required for use of third party material and retain all
proprietary rights, such as patent rights. I also retain the right to use in future works (such as
articles or books) all or part of this thesis or dissertation.
I have provided a copy of all copyright permission letters with the thesis.
Authenticity statement
I certify that this is a direct electronic equivalent of the copy of my thesis approved by Bond
University for the award of the degree. No emendation of content has occurred, and if there are
any minor variations in formatting, they are a result of the conversion to Adobe Acrobat format.
3. Contact Details
Full name
Phone number
Australian Digital Theses Program
Thesis Deposit Form
Version 2.3
Faculty use only
Research Development Manager’s Name:
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Graduation details
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rsion 2.3
Thesis instructions- graduation
Before you may be awarded your degree, you are required to provide three copies of your thesis
bound in permanent form along with a digital file in PDF format. Further information on binding is
set our below.
All copyright permission letters that cover digital and hardcopy reproduction
One bound copy plus digital file goes to the Bond University Library
one copy to your Supervisor and
another to the Faculty
Please provide thesis copies to the Research Administrator/Coordinator in the Faculty at your
earliest convenience.
Please also provide your Post Nominals for your testamur as soon as possible.
Under special circumstances, University Regulations provide that for a period of 24 months after the
thesis is lodged, it will not be made available for consultation or copying without the written consent
of the author. Accordingly, please complete and
return the enclosed Candidate’s Instructions
Regarding Availability of Thesis form and Thesis Copyright statement.
Your award may be conferred at the following Graduation Ceremony however your Faculty/
Research Administrator will require the permanent bound and electronic copy of your thesis at least
two weeks prior to the Graduation Ceremony, along with accompanying forms completed and
If you have not yet done so, please also complete an Application to Graduate
form as soon as
Bond has a very strong global network of Alumni which may provide beneficial opportunities for
your career. Refer to the Bond Alumni website at:
Permanent bound thesis x 3
Prior to the award of the degree, all the thesis copies are to be bound in a permanent form. A
permanent binding shall consist of a good quality, durable hard bound cover. The candidate’s
surname, initials and a short title shall be printed
on the spine. A date should not be added. Lettering
on the spine should be along the spine from top to bottom.
Thesis instructions
Version 2.3
The thesis printing may be double-sided. Good quality paper of adequate thickness (80gsm) must be
used. An electronic copy is also required on a digital file. The document format standard is PDF and
should be created using the conventions outlined under the heading How to create and submit an
electronic copy of a thesis to the Library on the Submitting a Thesis webpage, available via the
Library website (http://bond.libguides.com/writing-submitting-a-thesis
Order of Contents
The thesis must be preceded by a title page. This should normally be followed by a certification of
sources, the summary, the table of contents, a list of all illustrations and diagrams, the main text, the
appendices and the bibliography.
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