The Virginia Community College System (“VCCS”) is required to comply with the Commonwealth of
Virginia’s (“Commonwealth”) mandate under the 2013 Amendment to Virginia Code § 4-7.01 of the
Manpower Control Program that limits how many hours part-time employees and instructors may work or
teach. Accordingly, you are hereby notified and asked to acknowledge the following as a condition of your
I. I acknowledge that my position is part-time (i.e., wage and/or adjunct faculty instructor) _______
II. I acknowledge that the Commonwealth and Chancellor’s Directive limit the employment of part-time
employees to an average of 29 hours per week (averaged over a year) and adjunct faculty instructors
may not teach more than 27 hours per measurement year and are limited to teaching 7 hours in the
summer; 10 hours in the fall; and 10 hours in the spring_______ (initial).
III. I acknowledge that the year measurement period for all part-time employees shall start on May 1, 2013,
and will be May 1
thru April 30
for each year going forward________ (initial).
IV. I acknowledge that the Commonwealth and Chancellor’s Directive consider the VCCS one employer
(this includes the System Office and all community colleges within the System) for the purpose of this
disclosure_______ (initial).
V. I am currently employed at the following VCCS institution(s) and in the following positions (please list
VI. I acknowledge that if I obtain any future employment within the VCCS in a part-time or full-time
position that I will notify my current supervisor, copying Human Resources, in writing within one
(1) week or seven (7) business days ________(initial).
VII. I acknowledge that I may be subject to the full range of disciplinary actions, including discharge or
termination, for the intentional failure to notify or for any willful misrepresentations related to my
employment status (as set forth herein) ______ (initial).
Your initials above and signature below certify your acceptance and knowledge of the foregoing terms.
Name: ___________________________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________________
Date: ______________________
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