Student Petition for Academic Renewal
Revised 10-12-16
I am petitioning to have courses from Tulsa Community College or another institution considered for academic renewal as
described under the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) Academic Forgiveness Policy (
I understand that the following criteria must be met:
- Five years have passed since the last semester being renewed and the renewal request. Renewal applies to the last
semester being renewed to the beginning of the student's academic history.
-A GPA of 2.0 or higher has been earned on a minimum of twelve hours with no grade lower than a “C” since the
semester(s) requested for renewal were completed. The twelve hours exclude PHED Activity, performance courses,
and developmental courses.
- All official college transcripts are on file and have been evaluated.
- I am currently enrolled and degree seeking at Tulsa Community College.
- I have been informed of the benefits and limitations of the request for renewal.
- I have not applied credit hours nor content from renewal terms requested to a previous degree or certificate.
- I understand that if the petition for Academic Renewal is approved, all courses remain on my transcript, but are not
calculated in the TCC- Overall (Graduation/Retention) GPA.
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