September 2018_RAH 20CANCL
Student Name: ___________________________________________________ TCC CWID: ___________________
This form is to be used by students who wish to cancel their financial aid at Tulsa
Community College.
I authorize TCC to cancel my financial aid for the following semesters (select all that
_____ Fall 2019
_____ Spring 2020
_____ Summer 2020
For the following reasons:
_______ I have ceased enrollment at TCC, and will be attending another institution for
the 19/20 academic year.
_______ I will receive my aid at another institution, but will still take classes at TCC for
the 19/20 academic year.
_______ I no longer wish to receive any financial aid from TCC
By signing this form, I agree to the following:
I understand that if I request to cancel financial aid for a term in which I have already
been refunded aid, I will owe that money back to TCC.
I understand that if I ask to cancel aid that previously paid for coursework, I will owe
the balance due for that coursework.
I understand that if I receive aid at more than one institution for the same period I
will have to repay some or all of my financial aid at one of the institutions.
Student Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Please submit to any TCC Financial Aid Office or mail to:
Tulsa Community College
Financial Aid and Scholarships
909 S. Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74115