RevisedSeptember2018Consortium Agreement, page 1
This Consortium Agreement must be completed in order for a student to receive federal
financial aid to attend two separate institutions. Please read the following instructions
carefully and complete the form on the second page.
The Consortium Agreement form must be completed and returned to the TCC Financial Aid Office by
the first week of school each semester. This will allow the Financial Aid Office the appropriate time
to make adjustments to your aid package before funds are disbursed.
Be sure to find out when payment of tuition is due at the Host Institution. This Consortium
Agreement does not delay payment of tuition at the Host Institution. You will be responsible for
payment of tuition and all costs incurred at the Host institution by the deadline established at that
institution even if your funds have not been disbursed by TCC.
The Host Institution will fax or mail the consortium agreement upon completion of STEP 2. However,
it is your responsibility to make sure that the form has been received by the TCC Financial Aid Office.
You must provide a current copy of your grade(s) from the Host Institution to the TCC Financial Aid
Office upon completion of each course.
You must notify the TCC Financial Aid Office of any changes to your enrollment at the Host
It is a requirement that the coursework you take at the host institution be applicable to the degree
you are pursuing at TCC. Please check with your TCC academic advisor to make sure your course(s)
will transfer for credit toward your degree at TCC. Please have your TCC Academic Advisor approve
and sign this consortium agreement.
You must be enrolled in at least six hours per semester at TCC in order to receive aid from TCC
through a Consortium Agreement. If another school will act as the home school, then TCC defers
enrollment standards to the other school – please use the Consortium Agreement provided by your
home school instead of this form.
SectionA:to be Completed by the Studentin this section, please indicate the alternate school you will be
attending and the number of credit hours you expect to take at that school. Also provide a copy of the class
schedule and a brief explanation of why you will be attending the alternate institution instead of pursuing all
of your coursework through Tulsa Community College.
SectionB:to be Completed by a TCC Academic Advisor— the TCC Academic Advisor must review and
determine that the course(s) are fully transferable towards your TCC Degree.
to be Completed by the Host Institution— you will need to have this section certified by the
Financial Aid Office at the host institution you will be attending. That institution must certify that you will not
be receiving financial aid or any outside funding to attend that school. After completing this section, the host
school’s Financial Aid Office should return the Consortium Agreement to the TCC Financial Aid Office.
SectionD:to be Completed by the Home Institution—Tulsa Community College Financial Aid Office will
complete this section of the form pending the approval of your consortium agreement.
RevisedSeptember2018Consortium Agreement, page 2
According to federal regulations, a Consortium Agreement must exist before a home institution can process an application
for federal funds for students attending another institution. Therefore, the two institutions named below hereby enter
into an agreement for:
SECTIONA (to be completed by student)
STUDENTNAME:____________________________________________________________________________________ TCCCWID:_____________________________________
: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I am taking course work at the host institution for the following reason: _________________________________________________________________________
COURSE(S) To be Taken at Host Institution: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Student must attach a course schedule and a billing statement from the host institution
FALL/2020 SPRING/2021 SUMMER/2021
I will be taking ______________ credit hours through TCC while taking _______________ credit hours through the host institution.
I understand I can only receive financial aid from one institution— Tulsa Community College. I also understand that if I drop credit hours
or withdraw completely during the term specified, I may be required to repay financial aid (including student loans) disbursed through
TCC. I will provide a current copy of my grade(s) from the Host Institution to the TCC financial aid office upon completion of each course.
StudentSignatu re:__________________________________________________________________________________________ Date:____________________________
SECTIONB (to Be Completed by TCC Academic Advisor)
The TCC Academic Advisor must review the course(s) listed and determine that the course(s) are transferable towards your TCC degree.
CoursesTransferrable: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
AcademicAdvisor’sName: __________________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________
SECTIONC(to Be Completed by Host Institution)
CERTIFICATION: The Host Institution agrees NOT to provide federal funds to the above-mentioned student for the term specified.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
NameofInstitutionAddress PhoneNumber
Pleasereturnthisformto: TULSA COMMUNITY COLLEGE (FAX) 918-595-7366
Financial Aid Office
909 S. Boston
Tulsa, OK 74119
SECTIOND(to Be Completed by Home Institution Financial Aid Officer)
HOMEINSTITUTIONFINANCIALAIDOFFICECERTIFICATION: Tulsa Community College agrees to provide payment(s) to the above-
named student, if eligible, under the appropriate Federal and State programs for the specified term mentioned above.
TCCStaffSignat ure:_______________________________________________________________________________________Date:___________________________________