Chalking Request
Sound Amplicaon Request
Peaceful Protest or
Use of Outdoor Space
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Contact Person: _____________________________
Date: ______________________
Organizaon: __________________________________
Phone #: __________________________________
Email: ________________________________________
All approved events must reserve the appropriate space through scheduling services at This form provides links to
the applicable MSUM policies that must be followed. All events require approval from MSUM Public Safety at least 48 hours prior to the requested
start of the event to assist organizers so the event takes place in a constructive and peaceable manner and to ensure participants’ safety.
Date of Event/Start Time: ____________/____________
Event End Time: _____________________________
Event Takedown/Clean-up Time: ________________
Setup Time:______________________________________
Purpose of Event / Requested Place:
I have reviewed the appropriate policies and agree to abide by them.
Name of person submitting request: __________________________
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To be completed by the Director of Public Safety/Designee:
Request Status: Approved Denied
Reason for Denial:
Authorizing Signature: _________________________
Date: __________________
Event Request Form
Completed form must be submied to the Director of Public Safety either in person or emailed to
Bullen Board, Adversing
and Publicity Request
Campre Request
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