Incomplete Form
Instructor Information
A. To assign an incomplete grade:
1. Assign the grade earned in eservices (missing or deficient course work should be included in computation);
2. Complete “Course Data” and “Student Data” sections on this form;
3. List remaining requirements under the “Unfinished Work” portion in the “Course Datasection on this form;
4. Student and instructor sign and date form; and
5. Submit this form to the Registrar’s Office, Owens Hall 210.
Remember, if an incomplete requires substantial class attendance in a subsequent semester, the
student must register to repeat the course and pay tuition/fees.
B. To remove the incomplete grade: Submit grade change electronically in eServices.
C. Incomplete Grading Guidelines (please initial next to each as they are read and understood):
If a student has stopped attending a class, has not withdrawn and has not contacted the instructor of the
urse, the appropriate grade is “F.” DO NOT USE THE “I” GRADE IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCE: _____ (initials)
If a student is having difficulty completing requirements for a given course and the withdrawal deadline
has not passed, the student should be encouraged to withdraw from the course. DO NOT USE THE “I”
DEADLINES: Incompletes must be completed by the end of the next semester, except for incompletes
given during spring semester. Spring semester incompletes must be completed by the end of the
following fall semester. Incompletes that are not completed according to these deadlines will turn to
an “F.” _____ (initials)
structor signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ______________
Student Data
Student Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Dragon/STAR ID# ________________________
dent signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ______________
se Data
Semester/Year Enrolled in Course: (circle one) FALL SPRING SUMMER / 20______
Course ID # ______________ Subject & Course # __________________
Course Title ______________________________________________________________________
UNFINISHED WORK (additional sheet may be attached):
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