Section 1 – School Details
School name
School address
State Postcode
School ID (if applicable)
School Banking clearing account number (if applicable)
School Banking Co-ordinator Application Form
The purpose of this form is to collect the information required to establish all School Banking Co-ordinators prior to volunteering for the
Program. Please complete all fields. All School Banking Co-ordinators need to apply individually with the Bank prior to volunteering for
the Program. Please return the completed form via fax to 1300 793 924 or scan and email the form to
Please note: By emailing the form you are agreeing to your information to be transferred to the Bank via a non-secure channel.
For assistance please contact the Commonwealth Bank School Banking Helpdesk on 1800 674 496 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
(Sydney time).
Purpose of this form:
Privacy Notice:
Applicants and Volunteers: We collect your personal information in order to administer and manage your volunteer
application and ongoing involvement in the School Banking program. This includes conducting internal screening checks and
verifying your volunteer status, to help us manage compliance of the Program and to keep you updated. If you do not wish to
provide all requested personal information we will unfortunately be unable to proceed with your application.
Your personal information may be shared with the school (including via email) for the purpose of managing your involvement
in the Program (such as to verify and confirm your ongoing appointment as a volunteer from time to time, the outcome of
any screening checks conducted, reporting on your conduct specific to the facilitation of the Program and our decision to
approve, maintain or revoke your volunteering status).
School Principals or Representatives: We collect your personal information in order to contact you and to provide important
information about the Program.
For further information on the ways we collect, use and disclose your personal information, how you can get in contact with
us to provide feedback about its handling or countries where personal information may likely be transmitted to by us please
visit for a copy of our Privacy Policy.
Section 2 – Applicant Details
Important Volunteer Requirements:
As a School Banking Co-ordinator, once your application is approved, you are required to faithfully and diligently
perform all duties pertaining to the School Banking program as outlined in the School Banking Handbook. As part of
your role you are required to stay up to date with Program information. This can be done through reading the School
Banking Handbook at least once every 12 months or sooner, where we let you know of an important change to the
Program and through reading any correspondence sent to you.
The personal information of students who have accounts with us must be respected. As a Co-ordinator, please
ensure all personal information is kept confidential. Any matters pertaining to account holders and their accounts
must not be discussed or disclosed with anyone except the Bank.
Any funds collected through the School Banking program must be receipted immediately upon acceptance as
outlined in the School Banking Handbook. Student deposits should not under any circumstances be held over or
taken o School premises prior to processing.
Bulk cash collected on behalf of the School Banking program must be deposited within 24 hours of collection.
You must not under any circumstances share your logon credentials to the School Banking portal, all
School Banking Co-ordinators need to apply individually with the Bank prior to volunteering for the Program.
To ensure we maintain privacy for our students in the Program, if you are no longer volunteering for the School
Banking program, you must notify us immediately by either contacting the School Banking Helpdesk on
1800 674 496, or clicking on ‘I am no longer a School Banking Co-ordinator’ link on the bottom of all our electronic
communications to you, or by sending us an email to stating ‘I am no longer a
SchoolBanking Co-ordinator’
004-388 270121
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Section 4 – SpeakUP
The SpeakUP Hotline is available for our people to report suspected internal fraud and dishonest behaviour or misconduct issues
aecting the Bank. It is available for all CommBank employees, contractors and volunteers engaged by, and labour hire workers
providing services to, the Bank can use the SpeakUP Hotline. You can contact the SpeakUP Hotline on 1800 773 258 or by email
For further details regarding the SpeakUP Hotline please refer to the School Banking Handbook.
Section 3 – Principal Confirmation
By signing this application form I certify and understand that:
The above person is approved to volunteer for School Banking on behalf of our school and the school has completed all required
checks to enable the person to volunteer at our school (for example, a Working With Children Check); and
The application is subject to satisfactory completion of screening checks.
Acceptance, rejection and maintenance of any application or volunteer is at the Bank’s absolute discretion. Where relevant, the
Bank may notify the School of the decision to reject or revoke an application or volunteer but will not be required to provide any
reason for the decision.
Principal’s (or nominated delegate’s) name
(or nominated delegate’s) signature
School Stamp
School Stamp
Telephone number Mobile number
Applicant’s signature
Email address
By signing this form, I acknowledge and agree to the terms of the application process as outlined in the Privacy Notice and Important
Volunteer Requirements and confirm that the information provided in this form is accurate, true, and complete.
Application approval is subject to the completion of screening checks and can be revoked at any time if the status of those checks
change or if ongoing non-compliance with Program rules are identified.
Residential address (PO Box can not be accepted)
State Postcode
Applicant’s legal name
First name Middle name
Surname Other names known by (if any)
Date of birth
Section 2 – Applicant Details (continued)
School Banking program facilitation is restricted to approved volunteers who conduct School Banking on behalf of
the school.
004-388 270121
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