1. What type of an event is planned?
2. Explain in detail the nature of your organization, its function, and who or what benefits from its
operations (attach separate sheet if necessary).
3. Who or what organization will be the recipient of funds derived from this event?
4. How many attendees are expected at this event?
5. Describe the premises at which this event will take place.
6. What type of security will be provided at this event?
7. How many security personnel will be on hand?
8. How will security personnel be identified?
9. If this event is being held outdoors, how will the exterior boundaries of the premise be marked (ie.,
roped, fenced, etc.)?
10. What type of entertainment will be provided, if any, for this event?
Special Events Permit Questionnaire
Page 2
11. What method will be used in checking identification for proper age of attendees (ie., at the door, at
the bar, etc.) and how will underage patrons be identified so as not to be served alcohol beverage (ie.,
stamp or mark on the hand, etc.)
12. How will the conduct and level of intoxication of attendees be monitored and by whom?
13. Have volunteers or members of your organization been trained in the sale/service of alcohol
beverages? If yes, what training have they received and by whom?
14. What types of alternate beverages and food/snacks will be available?
15. Has a City Sales Tax number been initiated by you or a member of your organization? If so, provide
those numbers in the space provided.
16. Explain how this event will be marketed describing what kinds of advertising material will be
distributed and the targeted recipients of such material.
I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that information contained in this questionnaire is true to
the best of my knowledge.
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