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Application Monitoring the Status of Rupture Discs
The Challenge Not all rupture discs are fitted with integral conductors (alarm strips). This
means that they are unable to provide indication when a disc ruptures. In
critical applications that require protection of pressure vessels from over-
pressurization and potentially damaging vacuum conditions, a monitoring
and control system must quickly identify a blown disc and provide a visual
and audio warning to plant operators. A primary or redundant sensor is
required to detect the pressure spike resulting from a blown rupture disc.
The Solution A global chemical company uses an SOR
electromechanical pressure
switch called the Mini-Hermet to monitor rupture disc integrity on
equipment throughout their plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Other
pressure switches for this type of application include the Sub Mini-Hermet
for a highly compact switch and the more general Weatherproof Pressure
Switch used in non-explosive conditions.
A pressure switch is placed between a rupture disc
and a pressure relief valve. When a disc ruptures, the
pressure switch sends a signal to the plant’s monitoring
and control system which warns plant operators.
The SOR pressure switch is a calibrated device that can
actuate/de-actuate one or more electrical switching
element(s) at a predetermined discrete pressure/
vacuum set point upon rising or falling pressure/vacuum.
SOR pressure switches can be enclosed in numerous
weatherproof and explosion proof housings. Wetted
parts on the process connection are available in exotic
materials suitable for use with toxic or corrosive process media.
SOR electromechanical
pressure switches are
ideally suited for monitoring
the status of rupture discs,
also known as bursting
discs or burst diaphragms.
All switches have a 3-Year
Pressure Switches
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