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Practical Driving Assessment Checklist
w L plates for the test and P plates if you want to drive home after passing and getting your provisional licence (learner
licence holders only)
w working indicators, lights, and horn
w working park brakes and tyres with sucient tread and in good condition
w adjustable mirrors
w windows and doors that open and close correctly
w windowscreen and wipers in good condition
w seatbelts and head restraints tted to both front seats (unless exempt)
w roof closed if the vehicle is a convertible
The following additional requirements apply for LR, MR and HR assessment vehicles:
w has a current Certicate of Inspection (unless exempt)
w for a dangerous goods vehicle, you must present a certicate stating that it has been emptied and ushed for the
w must be a rigid truck or bus (bobtail prime mover is not acceptable) and comply with the below:
* the vehicle must carry three portable triangular red reectorised warning signs that comply with AS 3790-1992
w current licence for the vehicle you will be doing your assessment in:
w glasses or contact lenses (if needed for driving)
w protective clothing (motorcycle assessment only)
Queensland driver licence (including learner), and returning driver certicate (if required)
other Australian licence (including learner), full Evidence of Identity (EOI)
overseas licence (including original translation if licence is not in English), and full EOI
Before your assessment, make sure...
w Your Queensland learner logbook has been approved. It must be submitted 12 business days before your assessment
(only for learner licence holders who are under 25 years).
You must bring:
You must provide your own assessment vehicle and have permission from the registered operator
to use this for your assessment. Your assessment vehicle must be registered, and in roadworthy
condition including:
Assessment: Vehicle must be:
MR More than 8 tonne GVM with 2 axles or less
HR More than 15* tonne GVM with at least 3 axles
3 axle prime mover more than 15* tonne GVM with 2 axle semi-trailer or a 3 axle rigid vehicle more than
15 tonne GVM with a 2 axle trailer more than 9 tonne GVM
LR bus more than 4.5 tonne GVM but less than 8 tonne GVM
Is the vehicle part of the Takata Airbag Recall (Alpha and critical version)? Check at:
if recalled, provide evidence from the manufacturer or an authorised repairer that the airbags have been replaced
personally imported vehicles with airbags tted cannot be used or practical driving tests (as type and status of airbag
cannot be conrmed)
w You have passed the hazard perception test (learner licence holders only)
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If you fail your practical driving assessment you can no longer drive in Queensland using your overseas licence. You can only use your
current overseas licence to complete another assessment. If you want to keep learning to drive on Queensland roads you must apply
for a Queensland learner licence.
You can continue to drive under the conditions of your existing learner/overseas licence but you cannot drive a higher class of vehicle
until your licence has been issued/upgraded. You can do this on the next business day at any Transport and motoring customer service
centre that provides licensing services. Bring your Driving Assessment Report, and EOI (including passport, overseas licence and
translation for overseas applicants).
Before you leave, make sure you discuss the areas where you need to improve with your Driving Examiner.
ou can’t redo the
assessment until your cooling o period (time you have to wait) is over. Use this time to practice the areas that need improvement
before coming back. If you fail your assessment for the:
rst time, you can redo it the next day
second time, you can redo it on the eighth day after the second fail date
third time (or more), you can redo it on the 29th day after the most recent date that you failed.
It has been designed to assess your ability to drive safely and correctly in dierent driving situations that may include a number of
speed zones.
The Driving Examiner will be asking you to complete a series of driving tasks throughout the assessment. You will be given clear
directions and plenty of time to perform these tasks.
If the Driving Examiner does not give you any specic directions during the on-road drive, just follow the road and be directed by
road signs, signals and markings. You will be expected to abide by the road rules and perform the driving tasks when conditions are
The Driving Examiner will not ask you to complete any driving tasks that are illegal.
The Driving Examiner will mark the assessment report form as you drive.
If your vehicle is tted with blind spot mirrors, you are still required to conduct shoulder checks to ensure there are no vehicles in the
blind spot.
If you have any questions you should ask the Driving Examiner before your assessment starts. Once the assessment has started,
the Driving Examiner will not answer any questions that may inuence your driving performance.
After you nish your assessment drive, the Driving Examiner will give you an assessment report form and tell you about the
markings. You may have a third person (such as your driver trainer) present to listen.
Your driving assessment fee may not be refunded if:
Your Queensland learner logbook has not been assessed and approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (only
for learner licence holders under 25 years).
You have not held your learner licence for the required period.
You don’t arrive at the assessment centre at the allocated test time.
You fail to give at least two working days’ notice that you want to cancel your test or change your allocated test time.
You are unable to start the assessment at the allocated time (for example, your vehicle is defective or you don’t have your L
You are the holder of a returning driver certicate and book the assessment for a class of vehicle you are not eligible for.
You don’t bring the right assessment vehicle.
Overseas licence holders
What happens if you pass on a Saturday?
What if you don’t pass a C class assessment
About the practical driving assessment
More information on getting a licence, EOI and practical driving assessments can be located at