Palm Beach County Local Business Tax Receipt is in addition to, not in lieu of, any license required by law or
municipal ordinance (County Ordinance 72-7).
Further information can be obtained by calling (561) 355-2272 or visiting our website:
Mail completed application to: Palm Beach County Tax Collector
Attn: Business Tax Department
P.O. Box 3353
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3353
Visit one of our locations with the completed application: (Monday – Friday 8:15 am to 5:00 pm)
Belle Glade Service Center Lake Worth Service Center Royal Palm Beach Service Center
PBC Glades Office Building 3551 South Military Trail 200 Civic Center Way
2976 State Road 15 Lake Worth, FL Royal Palm Beach, FL
Belle Glade, FL
Delray Beach/South County Palm Beach Gardens/NE County Courthouse West Palm Beach/Downtown
Service Center Service Center Service Center
501 South Congress Ave 3188 PGA Blvd 301 North Olive Avenue
Delray Beach, FL Palm Beach Gardens, FL West Palm Beach, FL
APPLICATION REQUIREMENT GUIDE (CHECKLIST) **Please complete application on reverse side.**
COMPLETE APPLICATION (first box on reverse side)
OBTAIN ZONING APPROVAL (one of the following):
Municipal/City Business Tax Receipt (If business is located within city limits, submit this application to the city for
zoning approval). **OR**
Unincorporated - Palm Beach County Zoning Approval (If business is located in unincorporated Palm Beach County)
submit this application to Palm Beach County Planning, Zoning & Building for approval [2300 N. Jog Rd. West Palm
Beach-Vista Center 561-233-5200].
Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation (850-487-1395)
Child Care Facilities must be registered by Palm Beach County Dept. of Health (561-840-4500)
State of Florida Dept. of Health (850-488-0595)
• Certi ed Contractors must be licensed by Palm Beach County Construction Industry Licensing Board
(561-233-5525) or Department of Business and Professional Regulation (850-487-1395)
State of Florida, Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (800-435-7352) for food outlets, auto repair, health
and dance studios, telemarketers and travel agencies must provide permit, registration or exemption.
Restaurateurs and mobile food unit operators must provide a copy of approved inspection report from the Division
of Hotel & Restaurants (850-487-1395) or obtain an authorizing signature on the application (reverse side).
Banks, mortgage brokers, nance companies, and stockbrokers must be registered with the State of Florida Of ce
of Financial Regulation (850-410-9805).
NOTE: Price quotes are only valid if received and posted in the Tax Collector’s computer system within the same month of quote.
[County Ordinance 72-1 and FS 205.0535(5)]
No business tax receipt shall be issued until applicable
county and state laws are complied with including, but
not limited to, building, zoning, construction industry
licensing, re control and health.
Application Requirement Guide for Local Business Tax Receipt
Page 1Revised 8-24-2011
[County Ordinance 72-1 and FS 205.0535(5)]
No business tax receipt shall be issued until applicable
county and state laws are complied with including, but
not limited to, building, zoning, construction industry
licensing, re control and health.
Application For Palm Beach County Local Business Tax Receipt
BUSINESS INFORMATION (To be completed by applicant): **Instructions & checklist on reverse side**
Check Applicable Box: New Business Transfer of Address Transfer of Ownership Business Name Change
New Business Tax Receipt Other ________________________________________________________
Current Business Tax Receipt # (if applicable): __________________________________________________________________________
Business/DBA/Trade Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
(Division of Corporations requires registration of a ctitious name. Copy of registration must accompany this application)
Corporation /Business Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Owners Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Federal Employer ID #: ____________________________ **OR** Social Security #: __________________________________________
Business Address: ______________________________________City: ________________________ State: _____ ZIP: ____________
Date in business at this location: ___________________________ Business Phone Number: ____________________________________
Mailing Address (if different above): _____________________________City: ________________________ State: _____ ZIP: ____________
E-Mail address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Nature of Business: ___________________________________________ **OR** Profession: __________________________________
(Landscaper, Cleaning Service, etc.) (Doctor, Lawyer, etc.)
Maximum Number of: Employees: ___________ Machines _____________ Rooms: ____________ Restaurant seating: ____________
Were you issued a Notice of Non-Compliance? _________ Yes _________ No
I certify, under penalty of law, that the above information is true and correct, and I understand that any false statements could result in penalties as provided by law.
Signature: ____________________________________________Title: ___________________________________________________
(Agent, Owner, Rep.)
Municipal/City Zoning Approval: __________________________________________________________ Title: _____________________
**OR** Unincorporated Zoning Approval/
Planning Zoning & Building Approval: ______________________________________________________ Title: _____________________
PZ&B - Place initials in box if approval from department is required*** Regulator Signature required on line, when approval has been meet ***
Zoning (U No.) _______________________________________
Fire Marshall ___________________________________
Compliance _________________________________________
Health Department _______________________________
Building ___________________________________________
Hotel & Restaurant _______________________________
NAICS Code _________________________________________
Prior Use of Bay/Bldg. ____________________________
Other _____________________________________________
Cnty Home Based Af davit __________________________
FOR TCO OFFICE USE ONLY (Signature and title designates approval)
LBTR#/Account #: _____________________________Branch Of ce: _____________________________________ CURRENT YR
Till number: __________________________________ State/County License Cert #: __________________________ 1 YR
NAICS Code: _________________________________Receipt #: ________________________________________ 2 YR
Cust. Relations Guide/ CRA: _____________________________________________________________________ 3 YR
Date:_______________________________________ Field Service Approval: _______________________________ 4 YR
TOTAL FEE DUE : $ _____________________________________________________________________________ 5 YR
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