Certificate of Aptitude for Priestly Ministry
in the Archdiocese of Miami
I, the undersigned, _____________________________, Ordinary of the Arch/Diocese of
________________, ________________(city), _______________________ (country), hereby certify that
Father __________________________ is a priest in good standing from our Arch/Diocese who enjoys all
the faculties for the exercise of his priestly ministry.
After reviewing his personal file, checking with those who worked with him in previous assignments, and
from my own personal knowledge of the subject, I am able to certify without qualification that:
1. He is a priest in good standing.
2. He has never been suspended or otherwise canonically disciplined.
3. No criminal charges have ever been brought against him nor does he have a criminal record.
4. He has never behaved in such a way as to indicate that he might deal with minors or adults in an
inappropriate manner.
5. He does not have a current untreated alcohol or substance abuse problem.
6. He does not have a current, untreated emotional or mental health problem.
7. He has never been involved in any incident, to my knowledge, which called into question his fitness
or suitability to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of his priestly life and ministry.
8. He has, as mandated by the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, participated
in an approved training session on how to provide a safe environment for children and young
9. He is a person fully qualified to serve as an effective speaker in union with the Magisterium of the
Roman Catholic Church with respect to faith and morals.
10. He has a current clean background check which is on file in the Chancery Office.
I am able to state without qualification that Fr. _________________________ is of good character and
reputation and qualified to perform his priestly duties in the Archdiocese of Miami.
I hereby grant him permission to pursue pastoral ministry in the Archdiocese of Miami for a period of ____
( ) month(s) / ( ) year(s), with the understanding that such ministry is temporary and not aimed at
Title __________________________________
Date __________________________________
Revised 9/14
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