Elmhurst Academy Waiting List Form
2019-20 School Year
Student’s Name: ______________________________________________________________
Parent(s) Names:
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: ___________________
Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Student Birth Date: _____________________________________________________________
Previous School/Education Experience: ____________________________________________
Preferred Enrollment Schedule: M T W Th F
Preferred Start Date: _____________________________________________________________
When your family is contacted and your child is given an offer of enrollment at Elmhurst
Academy, please be prepared to provide the following:
* Within 48 hours of the contact phone call and/or email, the family will need to advise Elmhurst Academy
of their interest in accepting the enrollment being offered.
* Within 48 hours of accepting the enrollment, the family must submit all necessary enrollment forms and
registration fees in the email they receive. Once all completed paperwork is submitted, families will receive
confirmation of receipt.
* Students are not officially enrolled until all paperwork has been received and the proper notification from
the school officially has occurred.
* Please do not withdraw your child from their current school until all of the above procedures have
* If the 48 hour deadlines are not met by families, we will recognize this as a decline of the enrollment
offered and your child will be removed from the waitlist.
* Please be sure to update your contact information on the Elmhurst Academy wait list as needed.
Please return to:
Colleen Odegaard, Executive Director
Elmhurst Academy
212 West Lake Street, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126
Please note: Open registration for both the school year and summer session begins in March each year.
Thank you for your interest in having your child’s educational journey begin at Elmhurst Academy.
For more information, visit www.elmhurstacademy.com