Medical Website
Compliance Checklist
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Updated: August 2018 ©2018 Etna Interactive
Check Your Design
Yes No
You have the rights to use all of the stock imagery in your design.
Stock photos have the word “MODEL” overlaid in small opaque letters.
Before and after photos have not been altered or retouched, except to obscure identifying
There is a prominent link to your HIPAA privacy policy at the bottom of every page.
Check Your Text
Yes No
The complete legal business name of the doctor or organization appear on each page.
Board certifications and qualifications are accurately represented.
Text is free of false, fraudulent or misleading claims.
Text does not claim superiority; text is free of hyperbole.
Copyrights and trademarks are observed.
Known local legal issues are respected.
Text on pages with before and after photos alerts visitors that Your results may vary.”
Before and after images supplied by device manufacturers clearly credit the person who
performed the case.
Any price advertising includes all material facts and restrictions related to the offer.
Check Your Forms
Yes No
Forms will not send unless visitor acknowledges HIPAA email disclosure.
An online privacy policy describes how information gathered in each online form will be used.