Medical Tests: Questions to Ask the Doctor
You can complete the highlighted fields on this form online and then print the form for easy reference. Only
text that is visible on the form is printed; scrolled text will not print. Any text you enter into these fields will be
cleared when you close the form; you cannot save it.
Print this form and fill in the information for blood, urine, X-ray, or any other test your doctor recommends.
You may need to make copies if more than one test is recommended.
General questions
What is the name of the test?
Why do I need this test?
What might happen if the test is delayed or not done?
How accurate is the test? Are there other tests that are more accurate?
Is the test covered by my provincial health plan? If it isn't covered, is there a test covered by my provincial
health plan that might give the same information?
Are there extra costs not covered by my provincial health plan?
Questions to ask about the test
What should be done to prepare for the test?
Where will the test be done?
How long does this test take?
How will I feel during the test? Is it painful?
Will I need to arrange for someone to take me home after the test?
What are the risks?
What can the results show?
Will the results change the treatment? Yes
If yes, explain:
What can affect the results (for example, food, exercise, medicine, alcohol, or smoking)?
When will the results be available?
Date I will be notified about my test results:
Date for a follow-up appointment:
After the test, what will be the next step?
Will other tests be needed?
Ask about brochures or other information about the test.
State any concerns you have about the test.
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