Mary Feik Scholarship Application Questions
1. Describe one thing you have accomplished in CAP and what it means to you.
2. Describe your CAP Leadership Experiences.
3. What activities have you participated in?
Describe your overall experience in CAP.
Describe your community involvement outside of CAP (such as scouting, church other volunteer service).
Mary Feik Scholarship Application Questions
6. Describe any extracurricular activities that you participate in outside of CAP (sports, drama and other events not tied to service).
7. Describe your experiences with aviation (O-rides, travel, participation in air shows, etc)?
8. What are your aviation goals?
9. Describe how would you use this scholarship? (Local flight training at an FBO, training on CAP aircraft with a CAP instructor,
flight academy)?
10. Why do you why you desire this scholarship and why should you be the recipient?