Visitor Name Encampment Visited
Visitor CAPID
Dates Visited
# Cadet Cadre
# Senior Staff
# Students
# Advanced Students
# D/I* Item Reference
1 D
2 D/I CAPP 60-70, 1.2(i)
3 D CAPP 60-70, 1.6(b)
4 D CAPP 60-70, chap 2
5 I CAPP 60-70 para 2.4(a)
6 D/I CAPP 60-70 para 2.4 (d)
7 D/I CAPP 60-70 para 2.4 (c)
8 D/I CAPP60-70 para 2.5(b)
The youngest cadets and their families should be aware of the unique encampment
environment. Check with Commandant to see if 12 year-olds and parents were
Cadet Charge of Quarters or “Firewatch” programs are prohibited. Does the
encampment leadership disallow cadets from sentry duties during the overnight hours?
Activity will program 8.5 hours of sleep and 8 hours for cadre. Does the encampment
schedule clearly allow students 8.5 hours of sleep each evening?
Students must have time to decompress at the end of the day. Does the schedule clearly
indicates 30 minutes of undisturbed personal time immediately before lights out?
Students must have time for adequate nutrition. Are cadets permitted an undisturbed 15
minute meal period?
The encampment website is the primary source of activity information for families. Has
encampment prepared a webpage that features facility name, dates, contact information,
invitation to graduation, & social media links?
Encampments should gather participant feedback. Has encampment planned for cadet
Note identity of Encampment Commander, Commandant of Cadets, and Safety officer.
*D/I Items marked D are related priarmily to doctrinal compliance; items marked I relate primarily to Intensity issues.
9 I CAPP60-70, 2.7
10 D CAPP60-70, 2.7
11 D CAPP60-70, 2.7(e)
12 D CAPP60-70, 2.7(d)
13 D/I CAPP60-70, 4.1(b)
14 D CAPP60-70, part 5
15 D CAPR 60-1, 9.2.6
16 D CAPR 60-1, 9.3.4 / 2.4.2
17 D CAPR 60-1, 2.4.2
The adult leader functioning in loco parentis to the cadets is the Training Officer. Is there
a minimum of one TO assigned per flight?
There is no legitimate training need in confiscating wristwatches. Are cadets permitted
to keep wristwatches?
Cadets are responsible for transporting, storing and taking their own medication. Are
cadets permitted to retain prescription and OTC medications?
The contraband inspection is the responsibility of the senior staff. Is the contraband
inspection performed “1 on 1” by adult leaders only?
Level 1 intensity is not appropriate prior to the completion of instruction block C1 (Honor
Agreement). Does cadre prevent the use of Level 1 intensity techniques on student
cadets upon arrival, during inprocessing, or otherwise before completion of instruction
block C1?
Does scheduled curriculum meet the minimum standards for listed classes, contact time,
and use prepared lesson plans?
Does RST meet published standards for topics covered, time spent in class, etc.?
All staff members must participate in the Required Staff Training. Does encampment
ensure that all cadre and adult leaders attend RST, including late times and part time
All cadets are welcome at encampment. Does the encampment allow equal access for all
eligible cadets, including cadets with restrictions or physical fitness issues?
18 D CAPR 39-1, 6.2.9
Please also take notes on the following, which may not be specifically required by regulations:
19 I
20 I
21 D/I
Observe arrival and first day training and note any instances of:
a. Level 1 Intensity used prior to instructional block C1 (Honor Agreement)
b. Swarming during arrival or other times
Do not share or publish your report with anyone else without express permission of NHQ/CP.
Please prepare and submit your Report of Visit to the region CP director by email within 10 days, with a copy to NHQ/CP
Narrative responses are encouraged. Include pertinent videos and photos highlighting both successful moments, as well as those
aspects that do not appear to meet established standards.
Important: Please note successful practices of the encampment and aspects that should be considered as a Best
Practice and shared with other encampments.
Encampments uphold uniform standards. Does the encampment forbid improper
uniform wear, such as wear of grade on baseball caps or use of unauthorized grade
insignia (e.g. Cadet Command Chief Master Sergeant)?
c. Use of raised voices while within arms' length of students
d. Humor used at expense of cadets
e. Intensity used apparently solely for the amusement of cadre members
f. Any failures or reluctance to supervise by adult leadership or experienced cadre
Are flight level cadre and other NCOs specifically briefed and rehearsed on creating appropriate intensity levels?