I, Cadet _______________________, am enrolling in Cadet Wings. I acknowledge Cadet Wings is designed
for cadets who are seriously exploring careers in aviation and have a strong desire to obtain an FAA Private
Pilot Certificate. The Air Force and Civil Air Patrol are making a significant financial investment in my future.
Consequently, I have thoughtfully considered my obligations and commit to meet this opportunity with my
very best effort. I commit the following (initial next to each item below):
____ I will make flight training my #1 priority, after family and school obligations, during my enrollment in
Cadet Wings.
____ I will not commit to any camps, clubs, sports, vacations, overnight trips, summer jobs, or other
activities that would interfere with my enrollment in Cadet Wings. I discussed this obligation with my
____ I realize my enrollment period in Cadet Wings is limited to 6 months or 60 flight hours, whichever
comes first.
____ I will study and fly whenever possible, in accordance with CAPP 60-43, Cadet Wings Student Guide.
____ I acknowledge that transportation to and from my flight training site is my responsibility, and I have
discussed this obligation with my parents.
____ I will maintain a regular training schedule, mutually agreed upon by my instructor and myself prior to
my first lesson and outlined in my flight plan.
____ I acknowledge that this program requires a total time of approximately 20 hours a week (this includes
study time, pre-flight, flying time, debrief and estimated transportation time to and from the airport).
____ Realizing that maintaining a healthy lifestyle in an integral part of any training program, I will abide
with the Cadet Program’s policy on drugs and supplements.
____ I will abide with the CAP Aviator’s Code of Conduct.
____ To the best of my ability, I will not cancel a planned flight training except due to illness or a family
emergency. In such cases, I will notify my instructor, immediately.
____ I will provide progress assessments as required in the CAPP 60-43, Cadet Wings Student Guide via
designated method (i.e. telephone, Skype, online form, or in-person).
____ I will continue to abide by the CAP Core Values of Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Respect in
everything I do, in and out of uniform.
____ I am confident that I will successfully complete my training on time and become a licensed Private
Cadet Signature: _________________________________ Date: _________
Parent Signature: _________________________________ Date: _________
Cadets who have reached the age of majority, write “N.A.”
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