Making a complaint against a Harlow District Councillor
Use this form to make a complaint about the conduct of a Councillor of Harlow District
Council. Do not use this form to make a complaint about a Council service.
Your details
1. Please provide us with your name and contact details
First name:
Last name:
Daytime telephone:
Evening telephone:
Mobile telephone:
Email address:
Your address and contact details will not usually be released unless
necessary or to deal with your complaint.
However, we will tell the following people that you have made this
the Councillor(s) you are complaining about
the monitoring officer of the authority
We will tell them your name and give them a summary of your complaint.
We will give them full details of your complaint where necessary or
appropriate to be able to deal with it. If you have serious concerns about
your name and a summary, or details of your complaint being released,
please complete section 6 of this form.
2. Please tell us which complainant type best describes you:
Member of the public
An elected or co-opted Councillor/member of an authority
Member of Parliament
Local authority monitoring officer
Other council officer or authority employee
Other ( )
Making your complaint
3. Please provide us with the name of the member(s) you believe have
breached the Code of Conduct and the name of their authority:
Title First name Last name Council or authority name
4. Please explain in this section (or on separate sheets) what the Councillor
has done that you believe breaches the Code of Conduct. If you are
complaining about more than one Councillor you should clearly explain
what each individual person has done that you believe breaches the Code
of Conduct.
It is important that you provide all the information you wish to have taken
into account by the Monitoring Officer or the Sub-Committee when it
decides whether to take any action on your complaint. For example:
You should be specific, wherever possible, about exactly what you
are alleging the Councillor said or did. For instance, instead of
writing that the Councillor insulted you, you should state what it was
they said.
You should provide the dates of the alleged incidents wherever
possible. If you cannot provide exact dates it is important to give a
general timeframe.
You should confirm whether there are any witnesses to the alleged
conduct and provide their names and contact details if possible.
You should provide any relevant background information.
Please provide us with the details of your complaint. Continue on a separate
sheet if there is not enough space on this form.
Only complete this next section if you are requesting that your identity
is kept confidential
5. In the interests of fairness and natural justice, we believe members who
are complained about have a right to know who has made the complaint.
We also believe they have a right to be provided with a summary of the
complaint. We are unlikely to withhold your identity or the details of your
complaint unless you have good reason to believe that:
You will suffer harassment or violence
That you have
Please note that requests for confidentiality or requests for suppression of
complaint details will not automatically be granted. The Monitoring Officer
will consider the request alongside the substance of your complaint. We
will then contact you with the decision. If your request for confidentiality is
not granted, we will usually allow you the option of withdrawing your
However, it is important to understand that in certain exceptional
circumstances where the matter complained about is very serious, we can
proceed with an investigation or other action and disclose your name even
if you have expressly asked us not to.
If your complaint is dealt with by the Standards Committee at a hearing
after an investigation you may be asked to attend as a witness.
Please provide us with details of why you believe we should withhold your
name and/or the details of your complaint:
Additional Help
Complaints must be submitted in writing. This includes fax and electronic
submissions. However, in line with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, we
can make reasonable adjustments to assist you if you have a disability that
prevents you from making your complaint in writing.
We can also help if English is not your first language.
If you need any support in completing this form, please let us know as soon as
possible contact 01279 446655.
6. Equality monitoring questions
The Public Sector Equality Duty means we need to:
remove or minimise disadvantages suffered by persons who share a
protected characteristic that are connected to that characteristic
take steps to meet the needs of persons who share a relevant protected
characteristic that are different from the needs of persons who do not
share it
encourage persons who share a relevant protected characteristic to
participate in public life or in any other activity in which participation by
such persons is disproportionately low
tackle prejudice
promote understanding
We need to know our communities well through monitoring, mapping and
listening; and promote good communications and reporting systems. We will use
Equality Impact Assessments to help us plan actions which promote and enact
the Duty and carry out regular monitoring and evaluation of our actions to check
that we are doing so.
By carrying out this process we will be able to improve our understanding of our
community and staff and bring the equalities agenda into every function of the
To help us ensure that our Corporate Equality Policy is fully and fairly
implemented (and for no other reason) please complete this section of the
application form.
What is your Ethnic Group?
Choose ONE section from A to E, then tick the appropriate box to indicate your
cultural background.
Black or Black British
White UK Black Caribbean
Black African
White non-UK
Any other Black
(please give details):
Any other White
(please give details):
Chinese or other
ethnic group
White & Black Caribbean
White & Black African Vietnamese
White & Asian
Any other ethnic
(please give details):
Any other Mixed
(please give details):
C. Asian or Asian British
F. I do not wish to provide
this information
Any other Asian
(please give details):
Disability is defined as “physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial
and long term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day
Do you consider yourself
16-17 18-25
Harlow Council understands that your privacy is important to you. The
details you provide on this form will be kept private and confidential.
However, if required by law some information may be shared with other
organisations, normally we will inform you prior to sharing data. Also,
some information may be shared internally with Internal Audit for
administration and auditing.
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