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Entrants who do not have a four-year honours degree in computer science from a recognized
university are expected to have previously taken 12 relevant courses from University of Guelph (or
equivalent courses from other recognized universities):
(A) Seven prescribed courses:
An introductory programming course (CIS*1300)
An intermediate programming course (CIS*2500)
An object-oriented programming course (CIS*2430)
A software systems development course (CIS*2750)
A course on data structures (CIS*2520)
A course on discrete structures (CIS*1910 or CIS*2910).
An introductory course on calculus (MATH*1200).
(B) Three core courses at the second-year or higher level selected from the following:
A course on hardware and/or assembly language (CIS*2030)
A course on digital systems (CIS*3120)
A course on simulation and/or modelling (CIS*2460)
A database course (CIS*3530)
An operating systems course (CIS*3110)
A computer algorithms course (CIS*3490)
A course on automata theory (CIS*3150)
A statistics course (STAT*2040)
(C) Two elective courses at the third-year or higher level:
These courses should be related to the applicant's proposed research area. They can be
from a discipline other than computer science if deemed relevant by the proposed
Applicants who meet requirements (A) and (C) but who do not meet requirement (B) may be
granted provisional admission, i.e., they may be granted admission with the provision that
they take specified courses within a specified time and achieve grades above a specified
School of Computer Science, 2018
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