Sign In Questionnaire for NEUR*4450 & NEUR*4401/2
Research in Neurosciences
This sign-in questionnaire for research project students must be completed (including the signature
of the project supervisor)
before a course waiver form will be signed. Instructor consent is
required for course registration. To have a waiver signed, you must bring this form back to
Kim Best.
A detailed course description will be discussed at the formal Orientation Session for registered
students. Students doing an experimental project with a supervisor in the Department of
Biomedical Sciences must have WHMIS training approved by the course coordinator. Students
with projects in other departments should follow his/her supervisor’s instruction regarding
WHMIS training.
This section to be filled in by student:
Name: ___________________________________I.D.#: _____________________
Major/Area of Specialization _____________________ Course: Required or Elective
Do you have the required prerequisite of 14.00 credits? Yes ____ No ____
Semester course will be taken: Summer Fall Winter 20___
Course Options: NEUR*4450 EP NEUR*4401/2 EP
This section to be filled in by supervisor:
1. Does the proposed project involve the use of animal or human subjects? Y N
2. If yes, has the necessary ethical approval been obtained? Y N
3. If ethical approval is not yet in place, please describe contingency plans for the student’s
project should the required approval not be obtained in time for the planned
Name: _______________________________ Department: ___________________
Signature: _____________________________ Date: _________________________
Return this form to: Kim Best, Room 2633, OVC ( and she will fill in and sign a course
waiver so you can register for the course.
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