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I. PARTIES. This Lease Renewal Agreement (“Agreement”) is made this _________________,
20____ by and between:
Landlord: ______________________________________ (“Landlord”) with a mailing address of
Tenant: ______________________________________ (“Tenant”).
The Landlord and Tenant shall be referred to as the “Parties” and agree to the following:
II. PREMISES. This Agreement refers to the property located at:
_________________________________________________________________ (“Premises”).
III. LEASE. This Agreement refers to the lease agreement dated: _________________, 20____
IV. EXTENSION PERIOD. For good consideration, the Parties agree to extend the term of the
Lease by: (check one)
- Extending ____ Days Months Years with no right of renewal or extension beyond
that date unless a new agreement or extension is authorized by the Parties (“Extension”).
- Converting the Lease to a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement. Whereas, either Landlord or
Tenant may terminate this Agreement, at any time, by providing ____ days’ notice or by the
minimum time period provided in the State, whichever is greater (“Extension”).
- Other. ________________________________________________________ (“Extension”).
V. START DATE. This Agreement shall be in effect on: (check one)
- When the Lease ends.
- The Date of _________________, 20____.
VI. OTHER TERMS. In addition to the Extension, the Parties agree: (check one)
- To further amend the Lease as follows: _________________________________________
- To not further amend the Lease.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have indicated their acceptance of the terms of this
Agreement by their signatures below on the dates indicated.
Landlord’s Signature _______________________________ Date _________________
Tenant’s Signature _______________________________ Date _________________
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