Closing Request Form
Home Point Financial Corporation d/b/a Homepoint. NMLS No.7706 (For licensing information, go to: Home Point Financial
Corporation does not conduct business under the name, “Homepoint” in IL, KY, LA, MD, NY, or WY. In these states, the company conducts business under the full
legal name, Home Point Financial Corporation
. 2211 Old Earhart Road, Suite 250, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
. Toll-Free Tel: 888-616-6866.
Licensing and Disclaimers
Revised 12/10/2020
Closing Request Form
Loan N umber:
Primary B orrower Last Name:
Closing Date (Wet State): Closing Time (Wet State):
Signing Date (Dry State): Funding Date (Dry State):
**Loan Must Be Locked and Lock Must Be Good Through Estimated Funding Date/Purchase COE Date In Order to Send CD**
Closing /Signing Date not confirmed until entered into Closing Calendar
BORROWER DIRECT: CD to be sent directly to borrower once HPF completes to begin 3 day wait period. Broker/Title will receive this CD at the
same time.
BROKER/TITLE REVIEW*: CD to be sent to Broker/Title (not the borrower) once HPF completes. Broker/Title have 24 hours from receipt to send
in revisions as needed. If no response in 24 hours, HPF to send CD to borrower.
*If none of the delivery options are checked above, HPF will default to the Broker/Title Review path.
CD Deli ver Options - Please Check One
Contact Name:
Broker Contact Informati on for Cl osing
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scrow/Title Inf ormation
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Power of Attorney:** No Yes - Name:
Non-Borrowing Spouse (NBS):
No Yes -
NBS Mailing Address:
Same as borrower
If different provide:
NBS Email Address:
*All Trus t Docs must be approved by HPF prior to documents being drawn
**All POA's must be approved by HPF prior to documents being drawn
Borrower Loan Terms
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Vesting on Title - Indicate how the borrower(s) will take title:
Third Party Fees
(Invoice Required)
Pai d Outsi de of Closing Total Due At Cl osing
Appraisal Fee $ $
Credit Report $ $
HOI $ $
Flood $ $
Pest Inspection $ $
Processing Fee **Must Be Disclosed on Initial LE** $ $
Other Fees $ $
Final Fees Must Be Disclosed On Original LE/CD & Reflected On Broker Fee Agreement
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