Code of Conduct Project Management
Pledge Card
I recognize the power and authority granted to me in my role at HITT Contracting in supervising the
management of those reporting to me. Clear direction, fair and equitable treatment, respect,
communication of expectations, support of professional achievement, and opportunity are of utmost
importance. I recognize the fiduciary responsibility I have in the custody of contract administration on behalf
of HITT and our clients, as well as the importance of honesty and integrity in these transactions. I respect
the power I have over our subcontractor partners and promise my actions will promote fairness in
representing their interest while protecting those of HITT and our clients. I recognize that our business
serves the interests of people and that I hold custody in all manner of those relationships.
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Samantha Garrison
Samantha Garrison
Digitally signed by Samantha Garrison
Date: 2021.04.22 07:43:41 -04'00'
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