Important: Please
read the notes overleaf
before completing the
Form K8
Land Charges Act 1972
(Family Law Act 1996)
Fee panel
Place "X" in the appropriate box. See
Note 1 overleaf.
Application for the renewal of a registration
of a Land Charge of Class F
Application is hereby made for the renewal of the
registration of a Land Charge of Class F in respect of the
following particulars.
this application.
A cheque or postal order for
the correct fee accompanies
Please debit our Direct Debit
under an authorised agreement
with Land Registry.
Enter full name(s)
(See Notes 2 and 3 above)
Persons entitled to benefit of the charge
(See Note 4 overleaf)
Particulars of court order
By an order of the Court dated and
made under s.33(5) of the Family Law Act 1996 it was directed that
Particulars of the entry to be renewed
Insert number and date of
the original registration
Official reference no.
Date of registration
(See Note 5 overleaf)
Only one individual
or body to be
(See Note 6 overleaf)
of estate owner
For official use only
(See Note 7 overleaf)
Key number
Conveyancer’s name and
address (including
If no conveyancer is acting
enter applicant’s
name and address
(including postcode)
(See Note 8 overleaf)
Conveyancer’s reference:
I/We certify that the dwelling-house in this application is not registered at Land Registry.
Signature of conveyancer or applicant Date
Fee payable
Form completion
Person entitled to
benefit of the charge
Court Order
Date of original
Estate owner
Key number
Conveyancer’s reference
Despatch of form
Explanatory Notes
The following notes are supplied for assistance in making the application overleaf. Detailed
information for the making of all kinds of applications to the Land Charges Department is
contained in Practice Guide 63 Land Charges Applications for registration, official
search, office copy and cancellation, which is obtainable on application at the address shown
1. Fees must be paid by Direct Debit under an authorised agreement with Land Registry or by
cheque or postal order made payable to “Land Registry” (see the Practice Guide referred to
2. Please complete the form in block letters in writing or typewriting using black ink not
liable to smear. No covering letter is required and no plan or other supporting document
should be sent with the application.
3. Please give the full name and address of the person by whom or on whose behalf the
application is made for the renewal of registration pursuant to section 32 of, and paragraph
4(3) of Schedule 4 to, the Family Law Act 1996.
4. Give details of any direction given by the court that the applicant’s home rights should not
be brought to an end by the death of his/her spouse or civil partner or the termination of the
marriage or civil partnership otherwise than by death. Please insert name of court making
the order and date of order.
5. Complete all boxes and refer to month by three letters eg:
0 4 S E P 1 9 8 1
6. Please give the full name of the estate owner as already entered on the register.
7. If you have been allocated a key number, please take care to enter this in the space
provided overleaf, whether or not you are paying fees by Direct Debit.
8. Any reference should be limited to 25 characters (including oblique strokes and
9. When completed, this application form should be despatched to the address shown below
which is printed in a position to fit within a standard window envelope.
The Superintendent
Land Charges Department
Registration Section
Seaton Court, 2 William Prance Road,
DX 8249 PLYMOUTH (3)
Crown copyright (ref: LR/HO) 10/13