Suggested Club Bylaws
Arcle I - Name
Section 1: This Club shall be known as the Junior
Optimist International Club of _______
__________________ , and is entitled
to full use of this name so long as
approved by the sponsoring Optimist
Arcle II - Objects
Section 1: The objects of this Club shall be to provide
opportunities for Members individually and
collectively to participate in community
service activities, develop leadership
abilities and prepare for responsible roles
in society.
Arcle III - Membership
Section 1: The membership of this Club
shall consist of boys and/or girls who are:
• Alpha Level – 6 to 9 years old
Junior Level - 10 to 13 years old
Octagon Level – 14 to 19
years old
Section 2: Eligible students may apply for
membership, in the form and manner
prescribed by the Board of Directors, and
may be admitted to membership upon
the afrmative vote of a majority of the
membership present at any meeting.
Section 3: The Board of Directors shall be
empowered to suspend or expel a
Member for non-payment of dues, failure
to attend meetings for an extended period
without valid excuse, or for conduct
unbecoming a Member or prejudicial to
the best interests of the Club.
Arcle IV - Ocers
Section 1: The ofcers of this Club shall be a
President, Vice President, a Secretary
and a Treasurer. Terms of ofce shall be
for one year or until their successors
are duly elected.
Section 2: The President shall serve as the
executive ofcer of the Club, preside
at all meetings of the membership and
Board of Directors, be an ex-ofcio
Member of all committees and perform
such other duties as are ordinarily
incumbent upon a President.
Section 3: The Vice President shall perform such
duties as may be assigned by the
President or Board of Directors.
Section 4: The Secretary shall keep and maintain
all records of membership, and minutes
of membership and Board of Directors
meetings, in the form and manner
prescribed by the Board of Directors,
conduct such correspondence as may
be required by the President and Board
of Directors, and generally perform such
duties as are incumbent upon a Secretary.
Section 5: The Treasurer shall keep and maintain
all nancial records and books ordinarily
kept by a Treasurer designated by
the Board. He shall pay all authorized
obligations of the Club and submit
regular nancial statements in the form,
manner and frequency prescribed by
the Board of Directors, and generally
perform such duties as are ordinarily
incumbent upon a Treasurer.
Arcle V - Board of Directors
Section 1: There shall be a Board of Directors which
shall consist of the ofcers of the Club and
one Director from each of the grade levels
represented in Club’s membership.
Section 2: The Board of Directors, with the advice
and counsel of the Advisory Committee,
shall adopt an annual budget, approve all
nancial commitments and the payment
of all obligations and generally supervise
the affairs of the Club and its committees.
Section 3: The Board of Directors shall meet regularly
each month during the school year, or
at the call of the President or any three
Members of the Board of Directors, at a
time, date and place to be xed by the
Board of Directors.
Section 4: A majority of the Board of Directors shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction
of business and a majority vote of those
present shall be necessary to give effect
to any action of the Board.
Arcle VI - Elecon and Nominaons
Section 1: The election of ofcers shall be held at
a regular meeting of the membership
and the names and addresses of the
newly elected ofcers shall be reported
to Optimist International and the District
Club Chairman by September 30.
Section 2: Nominations shall be called for from the
oor by a presiding ofcer. No individual
shall be eligible for nomination or election
unless that individual can assure the Club
membership of their intent to maintain
their membership and be a student during
the next administrative year.
Section 3: A majority of the votes cast will
be required to elect. Voting shall be
by individuals and carried out by
secret ballot. No Member may cast
more than one vote. Proxies shall
not be recognized. Only Members
in good standing shall be eligible for
nomination, election and to vote.
Section 4: In the event that any ofce or Directorship
becomes vacant for any reason
whatsoever, the vacancy shall be lled,
at the next regular Club meeting, by the
regular nominating and election procedure
described in this article.
Section 5: All ofcers shall assume their
responsibilities at the beginning of the
administrative year for which they were
elected. Directors, elected at the rst
regular meeting of the administrative
year, shall assume their positions
upon election.
Arcle VII - Meengs
Section 1: The membership of the Club shall meet
regularly at least once each month of
the school year at such time and place
as may be determined by the Board
of Directors. Special meetings may be
called by the President provided that each
Member shall have received at least three
days’ notice of such meeting and the
nature of the business to be conducted at
such meeting.
Section 2: One-third of the Members in good
standing shall constitute a quorum at any
regular or special meeting of the Club.
Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all
deliberations of the Club and its Board of
Directors except as otherwise provided in
these bylaws.
Arcle VIII - Revenue
Section 1: Annual dues shall be $________ per
Member, to be paid at the rst Club
meeting of each administrative year.
Section 2: The Board of Directors, with the approval
of the membership, may plan or
recommend the raising or accumulation of
revenue from sources other than dues.
Section 3: The administrative/scal year of the Club
shall be concurrent with the administrative
year of Junior Optimist International,
beginning on Oct. 1 and ending on
Sept. 30.
Arcle IX - Commiees
Section 1: The President shall, no later than the rst
month of the administrative year, appoint
the following standing committees and
name chairs and at least three Members,
including the chair, to each committee:
a. Organization
b. Program
c. Activities
d. Social
Section 2: The duties of the standing committees
shall be to meet, report and make
recommendations to the Board
of Directors, and to conduct such
activities and projects as may be
directed and approved by the Board of
Directors, as follows:
a. The Organization Committee shall
be responsible for the provision and
equipping of facilities for Club meetings.
b. The Program Committee, in
cooperation with the President,
shall plan and provide programs for
regular Club meetings.
c. The Activities Committee
shall seek, plan and direct
the conduct of worthy projects
and activities contributory to the
attainment of the Club’s objectives.
d. The Social Committee shall plan
and supervise the conduct of Club
social activities.
Section 3: Special committees, to serve specic
purposes, may be appointed by the
President with the approval of the Board
of Directors.
Arcle X - Advisory Commiee
Section 1: In recognition that the _______________
____ Junior Optimist Club is sponsored
by the _________________________
Optimist Club it shall be the policy of
the Club, its committees and Board of
Directors, to seek the benets of such
constructive relationship through the
advice and counsel of the sponsor’s
Advisory Committee. Exercise of such
policy shall include invitation of the
Advisory Committee Members to all
meetings of the Club and its Board of
Directors and solicitation of their advice,
counsel and guidance in the selection
and conduct of activities, nancial
transactions, meetings, programs and
other administrative matters to end
that the Club may more effectively and
expeditiously attain its objectives.
Arcle XI - Disbandment Procedure
Section 1: If, for whatever reason, this Club would,
at some future date, become defunct,
all materials, supplies and monies will
become sole property of the sponsoring
Optimist Club, to be used or distributed at
the discretion of the Board of Directors of
that body.
Arcle XII - Amendments
Section 1: Any amendment of these bylaws,
if in conformity with the Policies for
the Governance of Junior Optimist
International and the policies of Optimist
International, may be adopted by a two-
thirds majority of the Members present
at any meeting provided written notice of
the proposed amendment and date of
such meeting shall have been given to all
Members at least two weeks prior thereto.
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