Junior Opmist Internaonal Club Membership Applicaon
Things You Should Know...
What is a Junior Opmist Club?
With special guidance and support from a
sponsoring Optimist Club and/or Club
Advisor, your Club completes fun projects
and activities to improve the community and
better the lives of its residents. As soon as
you’re a Member, you’ll also have
opportunities to polish your leadership skills,
manage money and practice good
citizenship. These “hands-on” experiences
will help you prepare for college and
What is Junior Opmist
Junior Optimist International is the umbrella
organization that links your Club to others
throughout North America! Much like
Optimist International, Junior Optimist is
governed by an International Board of
Directors as well as by District Officers.
Each year, Club Members attend District and
International Conventions to elect their peers
to fill these important offices.
What Kinds of Projects Can Junior
Opmist Clubs Do?
The possibilities are endless! Every Club is
challenged to study the needs within its
community. Your Club may choose to
complete environmental projects, visit the
elderly, participate in Special Olympics, serve
food in shelters or baby-sit for single parents.
You may even choose to hold fundraisers to
benefit your school, UNICEF, Juvenile
Diabetes, the Optimist International
Childhood Cancer Campaign or other local
Who is Eligible to Join?
There are three different levels of Clubs:
Elementary Age
Middle School Age
High School Age
Want to Know More?
The Club identified on this application is
actively looking for New Members! Contact
the person noted to get the details on when
and where the Club meets.
If this Club is the wrong age group for you
and your friends, this person may be able to
help you start a new club!
Please complete this applicaon.
Name: ____________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________________________
State/Province: ____________ ZIP/Postal Code: ________________
Birth Date: __________ / ______________/ ______________________
Phone Number: ( ________ ) __________________________________
School Name: ____________________________ Grade Level: ______
High School Graduation Year: ________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________
Daytime Phone Number: ( _____________ ) ______________________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________________
Applicant’s Signature: _______________________________________
Date: ____________ / ________________/ ______________________
Parent/Guardian’s Signature: _________________________________
Date: ____________ / ________________/ ______________________
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