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This document is confidential and is the property of the KSU CFY English Language Skills Department
It is strictly forbidden to hand it to external parties under any circumstances without prior written authorization from KSU CFY ELSD Management.
Version 1.4
English Language Skills Department (ELSD)
Verification Consent Form for Academic Qualification and
Employment History v1.4
I verify that statements made in relation to my academic qualifications or employment history, as shown on the
CV, qualifications, transcripts, certificates and references that are submitted to the CFY ELSD at King Saud
University and uploaded onto the ELSD Portal are a true and accurate record.
I authorize the staff of King Saud University’s, English Language Skills Department to contact the institutes I have
attended or worked at, to verify my qualifications and employment history.
I am aware that falsely claiming qualifications and/or employment history is in breach of the KSU CFY ELSD’s Policy
in relation to the ELSD’s employment criteria will lead to the immediate removal of the application and/or
disciplinary action as outlined in the ‘ELSD Disciplinary Policy and Procedure’.
Please provide the following information and sign below:
Abdirahman Abdullahi Abdirahman