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Residential Building Permit
Application Packet for:
Single-Family Residential Interior & Exterior Renovations
Single-Family Residential Additions
New Single-Family Homes
Application Submittal
Plan Review
Resubmittal, if necessary
Plan Approval
Construction &
Project Closeout &
Certificate of Occupancy
City of Chamblee | Planning & Development Department
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The Following Information is Included in this Packet:
Residential Building Permit Process Flowchart
B. Instructions for Obtaining a Residential Building Permit
C. Building Permit Application
D. Single-Family Residential Building Permit Plan Checklist
E. ROW Encroachment Permit Instructions
F. Sewer Capacity Evaluation Form
Just ask. Contact us at 770-986-5010 or
Residential Building Permit Process
Official Submittal
One digital PDF of plans
Completed Application
Georgia Residential Energy Code Compliance Certificate
ROW Encroachment Form (if necessary)
Payment of plan review fees
Plan Review
Internal Planning & Development Review: Planning/Zoning, Building, Arborist, Engineering
Chamblee Public Works (right-of-way encroachment only)
DeKalb Watershed (new residential units onlynot required for additions, demo/rebuild, etc.)
DeKalb Health Department (septic tanks only)
Federal Aviation Administration FAA Form 7460-1 and any and all responses received from FAA (by
Department request for specific projects only)
Internal reviews (those done by City staff) take up to 5 business days; external reviews run concurrently with
internal reviews, but may require additional time.
Internal review comments are sent to applicant via email by Senior Development Coordinator
in a Code Compliance Letter.
Internal reviews for resubmittals take up to 3 business days.
Each City resubmittal requires that the applicant submit one digital PDF and response letter
addressing comments from the Code Compliance Letter.
Schedule building inspections through
the online portal at
You will need the permit number
and contractor access code to
schedule an inspection. For
contractors, this will be your
contractor license number. For
requestors not required to have a
license, this will be your business
license number. For homeowners
doing their own work, this will be
your address street number.
Building inspection requests
submitted by 4:00 pm Monday
through Thursday are generally
scheduled for the following day.
Building inspection requests
submitted by 11 am on Friday are
generally scheduled for the
following business day.
Plan Approval
1. Once plans are approved, the applicant will be contacted to
submit the following:
a. Remaining fees to be paid, including NPDES fees for projects with
>1 acre of land disturbance
b. Remaining Required Documents for Permit Issuance:
Sewer Capacity Letter or Sewer Capacity Evaluation
Form (new residential units onlynot required for
additions, demo/rebuild, etc.)
General Contractor Affidavit or, if owner is acting as G.C.,
Homeowner’s Declaration Form
Contractor’s Georgia Business License and State License
Government Issued ID for General Contractor and/or
Authorized Agent (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)
Authorized Permit Agent Affidavit
Erosion control bond, if necessary
c. All subcontractor affidavits are required to be
submitted before inspections are scheduled.
2. One digital PDF of final plan set (maximum size is 25 MB). A
stamped digital version will be emailed to applicant and shall
be printed and kept on job site.
3. Once all requisite documents are submitted and verified, the
permit can be issued.
Rev. 10/28/2020
Project Closeout
1. The following project closeout documents are
required at the conclusion of all projects:
a. City of Chamblee final inspections (must be
requested by applicant).
Site final
Building final
Zoning final (new residential only)
b. In addition to City inspections, projects within
GDOT right-of-way require GDOT final inspection
c. Additional documents as required based on
project scope, if needed.
2. Once all required project closeout documents
are submitted and verified, a Certificate of
Occupancy/Completion will be issued
City of Chamblee Planning & Development Department
5576 Peachtree Rd, Ste 102 Chamblee, GA 30341 • 770-986-5010 •
Use this permit for:
Interior & exterior single-family residential renovations
Single-family residential additions
New single-family homes
All construction must comply with zoning and building requirements. The City’s Code of Ordinances may be viewed
online through Municode at:
Individual PDF files may not exceed 50 MB. Larger files should be separated into individual PDFs.
A. Submit a PDF digital version of a site plan showing all existing structures, new structures or additions, curb cuts,
sidewalks, landscaping, utility locations and property/right-of-way/set-back lines and other pertinent details. For
interior finish only, no site plan is required. Plans must be to scale and include address and contact information for
the owner and design professionals. See Site Plan Review Checklist in this application packet for more information.
B. Submit a PDF digital version of the plans as required for the construction of all new buildings, additions or
remodeling involving structural changes. All plans should be clearly drawn to scale (feet/inches). For interior
emodel, site plans are not required unless requested by the Department, but applicants must clearly indicate t
cope of work within the structure.
Depending on the type of construction, plans may be required to be prepared by a registered design professional.
See Section 18-11 of the City Ordinances
for details on structural plan requirements. Site plans may be required to
be prepared by a registered surveyor at the discretion of the Planning and Development Department.
C. Sewer Capacity (new residential units onlydoes not apply to renovations, additions, demo/rebuild). The
licant must complete and submit the attached Sewer Capacity Evaluation Request form to DeKalb County
Department of Watershed Management.
D. Fees. Building permit fees are based on standard Valuation Tables. (See Fee Schedule
.) A Plan Review Fee of
25% of the Permit Fee will be charged on all residential building permits (min. plan review fee/$100; min. permit
fee/$150). See NPDES fees and Erosion Control Bond amount on the Residential Building Permit Submittal
Checklist on the following page. Payment of the Plan Review Fee is required with the first submittal. Remaining fees
are due prior to permit issuance.
E. Plan Revision and Resubmittal Process. Code compliance comments from the Department will be sent jointly via
il to the contact person listed on the application. All resubmittals must be submitted electronically along with
separate document that includes detailed responses to any comments provided. The applicant must work directly
with any other outside review agencies, if required (see attached flowchart).
F. Plan Approval. When the plans are approved, an approval letter will be emailed to the primary contact listed on the
lication. This letter will notify the applicant of any outstanding items necessary to issue a permit. In addition, t
licant will be asked to submit one final digital copy of all plans. The applicant must also provide all requir
standing, supporting documentation appropriate to the project (i.e. bonds, REScheck, external approvals, etc.)
outlined in the approval letter. Once the plans are digitally signed by staff, the applicant will receive an electronic
copy via email to be printed and provided on site through the duration of the project. Once the project is approv
and all documents have been accepted, the City will issue the permit.
Notes to Contractors or Homeowner acting as Contractor:
The street address and/or suite numbers must be clearly posted at all project locations.
Construction dumpsters may not be placed in the street.
The inspection card and an approved set of the plans must remain on the site at all times during construction.
Permits are not transferable, nor are they refundable.
Permits expire if work is not begun within 180 days or substantially completed within two years of issuance.
A Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion may be obtained when all permits issued hav
oved final inspections and all required fees, bonds, site work, documentation, and landscaping reviews hav
City of Chamblee Planning & Development Department
Rev. 7/10/19 5576 Peachtree Rd, Ste 102 Chamblee, GA 30341 • 770-986-5010
(Note: Individual PDF files may not exceed 50 MB. Large files should be separated into individual PDF files not
exceeding 50 MB.)
Initial Submittal:
Complete Building Permit Application
Georgia Residential Energy Code Compliance Certificate
ROW Encroachment Form (if required)
Plan Review Fee
PDF Digital version of plans
Plan Revisions:
PDF digital version of plans
Document including detailed responses to any plan comments
Any other requested supporting documents from reviewers
Prior to Issuance of Permit:
Building Permit Fee
C/O or C/C Fee
NPDES fee to City of Chamblee ($80/disturbed acre, 50% to Chamblee and 50% to EPD) and receipt for fee to
EPD (for projects with >1 acre of land disturbance only)
Erosion Control Bond ($3,000/acre or fraction thereof)
PDF digital version of final plan set
Homeowner Declaration Form (if homeowner is acting as General Contractor)
Copy of current Georgia Business License (not required for Homeowners acting as General Contractor)
Copy of qualifying Georgia State License for the General Contractor (not required for Homeowners acting as
General Contractor)
Copy of GSWCC (Soil & Erosion Control certification) card (not required for Homeowners acting as General
General Contractor affidavit (not required for Homeowners acting as General Contractor)
Subcontractor Affidavits (may be submitted after issuance of building permit but prior to any subcontractor work
being done)
Outside Agency Approvals
o Sewer Capacity Letter or Sewer Action Plan (new residential units only, not including demo/rebuild)
Any other required supporting documents and/or bonds, if necessary
Rev. 7/9/19
All work must be in conformance with an approved site plan and applicable City ordinances, codes, and policies. Some
requirements may not apply to all projects.
Submittal Requirements for Plan Review:
Provide a Site Plan, drawn to scale, that shows the following:
a. All property lot lines
b. Building footprints and dimension to the lot lines
c. Abutting street(s)
d. Curb cut(s)
e. Setbacks applicable to that zoning district per City Ordinance
f. The use, square footage, and height of the building(s)
g. Vehicle parking area(s)
Site plan requirements may be waived for interior-only permits at the discretion of the Department.
Provide information to verify that applicable zoning requirements are met:
a. Impervious surface area calculation (% of lot area) - Section 230-1
b. Floor Area Ratio (FAR) - Section 230-1
c. Open space (% of lot area) - Section 230-1
d. Max. building height - Section 230-1
e. Lot size - Section 230-1
f. Lot width - Section 230-1
g. Front yard setback - Sections 230-1
h. Side yard setback - Section 230-1
i. Rear yard setback - Section 230-1
j. Accessory use provisions (if applicable) - Chapter 240, Article 2 under use code
k. Hedges, fences, and walls requirementsSec. 230-6
l. Supplemental use provisions (if applicable) - Chapter 240, Article 3 under use code
m. Location, design and construction of parking areas requirement Chapter 250
n. Special conditions based on zoning history of the site (if applicable). If applicable, attach conditions in table format,
indicating required and provided provisions.
Provide information to verify the following Tree requirements are met. See Residential Tree
Preservation Guide for more information.
a. Building permits other than interior-only projects require that properties comply with tree density regulations.
b. Include a Tree Survey Plan and Inventory that includes:
To-scale map or site plan.
Note the location of all specimen trees or stands of trees plus all other trees which will be preserved and counted
toward meeting site density requirements
Include specimen trees and their critical root zones with labels/inventory of size and species. Include trees to remain
and those proposed for removal.
Include all other trees to be counted toward meeting density requirements, with labels/inventory of size and
species. (Existing trees less than two inches DBH do not need to be shown and cannot be included toward Existing
Density Factor).
For forested areas over two acres, sampling methods may be used to determine tree densities.
Show all tree protection zones, tree save areas, and buffers with existing trees.
City of Chamblee Planning & Development Department
5576 Peachtree Rd, Ste 102 Chamblee, GA 30341 770-986-5010
Rev. 7/9/19
i. Tree Replacement Plan (if applicable)
j. If site cannot bear replanting of required density, submit alternative as required under Minimum Density Requirements
k. Pay $50 Fee to City of Chamblee for Tree Removal Permit if applicable
Erosion and Sedimentation Control (not required for interior-only permits)
a. Show grading & drainage: Existing and proposed ground contours/elevations, indicating cut and/or fill operations; may
include stockpiling.
b. Show limits of disturbance and note number of disturbed acres.
c. Show BMPs for erosion and sedimentation Control.
d. Delineate streams, stream buffers, and wetlands or certify there are none are on the site or within 200 feet of the site.
Building Plans
a. Architectural plans showing compliance with International Residential Code.
City of Chamblee Planning & Development Department
5576 Peachtree Rd, Ste 102 Chamblee, GA 30341 770-986-5010
Building Permit Application
Job Address:
City: State: Zip:
Unit/Apt/Suite/Floor #s: Number of residential units: Purpose: New Addition
Alter Repair
Project/Business Name:
Scope of work: Interior Exterior Structural Review Required? Yes No
Description of work to be performed:
Land Disturbance: Total Disturbed Acreage:
Building Type:
Single-family detached residential
Multi-family residential, mixed-use, or
Construction areas (check all that apply):
Heated area square feet _______________________ Deck square feet _________________________
Unheated basement square feet _________________ Unheated garage square feet _______________
Business Owner Name (non-residential permits only): Phone #: Right-of-way encroachment?
Stream within 200 feet of property?
Property/Building Owner (of Job Address):
General Contractor Co. (If homeowner, provide Declaration Form):
Company Name: Contact Name:
Address: Address:
City: State: Zip: City: State: Zip:
Tel #: Mobile #: Tel #: Mobile #:
E-Mail: E-Mail:
Primary Contact Name: Primary Contact Phone: Primary Contact Email:
Type of Construction (VB, IIB, IA, etc.) – Single-family residential = VB Occupancy Type (Business, Residential, Mercantile, etc.):
Contractor’s Business License #: State License #: Qualifying Agent Licensed Individual
Qualifications Held: Residential Basic Contractor Residential Light Commercial General Contractor
Sub-contracted work for this job
Electric Plumbing HVAC Low Voltage Other
Notice: No changes shall be made from that which is stated in this application, or in attached plans and specifications, except by submitting a revised
application, plans and/or specifications and receiving approval of the Chief Building Official for such change. Granting of a permit shall not be construed
as a permit for or an approval of any violation of the Building Code or any other state or local law regulating construction or the performance of
construction. I hereby certify that I have read and examined this application and the information provided is true and correct. I further certify that all
construction will comply with the current City and State Building Codes. This permit is void if no construction activity commences within six months of
issuance date or an extension is granted per City Code.
I further agree that I shall be responsible from the date of this permit, or from the time of the beginning of the first work, whichever shall be earlier, for all
injury or damage of any kind resulting from this work, whether from basic services or additional services, to person or property. I agree to exonerate,
indemnify and save harmless the city from and against all claims or actions, and all expenses incidental to the defense of any such claims, litigation and
actions, based upon or arising out of damage or injury (including death) to persons or property caused by or sustained in connection with any work
performed under the building permit issued as a result of this application. I also agree to allow all inspections and right of entry per Section 120-2 of the
**Note: Only the Property Owner, Architect, General Contractor or other Authorized Agent should sign this application as an applicant.
EXCEPTION: If a tenant is applying to move into a commercial space, then the tenant should sign as the applicant.
Signature of Applicant: Date:
Signature of Property Owner: Date:
Rev 10/14/19
City of Chamblee Development Department
5576 Peachtree Rd, Ste 102 • Chamblee, GA 30341 • 770-986-5010
Georgia Resi
al Energy Code Compliance Cer
This certificate shall be posted on or near the electrical distribution panel or air handler
Permit #
House Address or Community/Lot#
Building Summary
Builder Company Name
Contact (email/phone)
Compliance Pathway (check one)
Building Envelope (when multiple values per component, list value covering largest area)
Prescriptive: R401-404
UA Trade-off: R402.1.5
RESCheck: Keyed to 2015 IECC
Simulated Performance: R405
Energy Rating Index (ERI): R406
Ceiling/Roof R-value
Above-grade mass wall R-value
Sloped/vaulted ceiling R-value
Cantilevered floors R-value
Exterior wall R-value
Window/Glass Door SHGC
Kneewall (cavity and/or continuous) R-value
Window/Glass Door U-factor
Foundation (cavity and/or continuous) R-value
Skylight SHGC
ERI Score
Floors over unconditioned R-value
Skylight U-factor
Mechanical Summary
HVAC Company Name
Contact (email/phone)
Heating System Type Efficiency (AFUE,
HSPF, COP or other)
Cooling System Type Efficiency (SEER,
EER or other)
Water Heating Type Efficiency (EF or
Air conditioner
Heat pump
Heat pump
Yes No
Manual J, S, D or equivalent complete?
Required Mechanical Ventilation
Type (check one)
Design Rate (check one)
Design Ventilation
Rate (CFM)
If intermittent, list runtime in min. per hour
Duct and Envelope Tightness Testing Summary
Contact (email/phone)
DET Verifier ID
Envelope Tightness Testing (< 5 ACH50) (Envelope Tightness = Blower Door Fan Flow x 60 / Thermal Envelope Volume)
Blower Door Fan Flow (CFM50)
Thermal Envelope Volume (ft
Envelope Tightness (ACH50)
If multifamily unit and conducting sampling, this unit is not required to be tested. Mark N/A.
Duct Tightness Testing (< 6 CFM25/100 ft
) (Total Duct Leakage = 100 x Fan Flow / Area Served)
Number of Heating and Cooling Systems
Duct Tightness Leakage Test Results System 1 System 2 System 3
If air handler and ductwork located entirely within in condi-
Fan Flow (CFM25)
Area Served (ft
Total Duct Leakage (CFM25/100 ft
Rough In Total (RIT) or Post Construction Total (PCT)
Version 1.0
I. When is a permit required? A right-of-way encroachment permit is required for any work in the
public right-of-way, including:
Temporary and permanent structures
Land disturbance
Vegetation removal/planting
Utility work
Lane and sidewalk closures
II. Plan submittal requirements
A complete permit application is required to be submitted a minimum of 14 days before work is
proposed to begin. Permit applications should be submitted to the Public Works Department via the
Permit Portal here: For more information or
questions about right-of-way encroachment, please contact the Public Works Department.
Appendix B
Table 1: Sanitary Flow Contributions from Site Specific Sources
Average Daily
Flow (GPD)
Residence, single family
Per residence
Residence, multiple family (Apartments)
Per unit
Commercial/Mercantile Building
Per 1,000 square feet
Industrial/Warehouse (Not including food
Per 1,000 square feet
Offices (Not including food service)
Per 1,000 square feet
Shopping Center (Not including food service)
Per 1,000 square feet
Restaurant/Coffee Shop/Fast
Per 1,000 square feet
Per 1,000 square feet
Barber Shop/Beauty Salon
Per customer station
Per 1,000 square feet
Church (Not including food service or day
Per 1,000 square feet
Coin Laundries
Per machine
Commercial Laundries
Per machine
Per bed
Nursing Home
Per bed
Per room
Police/Fire Station w/residents
Per bed
Police/Fire Station w/o food service
Per 1,000 square feet
School w/ kitchen
Per 1,000 square feet
School w/cafeteria
Per 1,000 square feet
School w/cafeteria and gym
Per 1,000 square feet
Service Station
Per fuel pump unit
Per 1,000 square feet
Other Facility not listed:
Subject to Approval by the County
GPD = gallons per day Total
NOTE: Design peak flow rates shall be calculated by multiplying the total design average daily flow rate
determined per the table above by a peaking factor of 4.0.
Fill out SCER application, show calculations, scan your application and submit via email:
The undersigned hereby applies for consideration as a property owner desiring to perform construction on his/her
residence. In making this request for a “home owner” permit, the undersigned states the following to be true:
Applicant resides or intends to reside on premises. Property described in permit application is currently owned
by applicant. Applicant has not made a previous Homeowner Declaration where he/she has failed to reside at
the premises thereafter.
Applicant will serve as the building contractor and accept inherent responsibilities for the work authorized by the
approved permit.
Applicant agrees to hire properly licensed contractors for work that is
require separate sub-contractor forms, including work performed by applicant in
lieu of licensed contractors.
Applicant agrees to perform all work in accordance with all applicable c
odes and
the i
acknowledges that all required inspections must be performed in an established
sequence and that any work done in violation of the
codes must be corrected or may be ordered to be removed.
Applicant acknowledges that he/she is aware that a permit issued under the provisions of the code may be
revoked for
false statements or misrepresentation as to the material fact in the application on which the permit
was based.
Applicant further acknowledges that he/she is aware that any knowingly false statements made in the permit
application will subject said applicant to possible prosecution. Georgia Criminal Code, Section 1610-71
(False Swearing).
APPLICANT'S NAME: _____________________ APPLICANT'S SIGNATURE: _____________________ DATE: ____________
PROPERTY ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________
City of Chamblee Planning & Development Department
5576 Peachtree Rd, Ste 102 Chamblee, GA 30341 770-986-5010
Rev 7/9/19
OTHER: _______________________