Graduate Internship
Support Grant
Application Form
and Guidance Notes
Linking graduates with business
The graduate internship support grant aims to encourage local economic growth
through the provision of grants to small and medium sized businesses in
It is aimed at s
mall and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) - with no sector restrictions
and provides incentives for growth at a time when many businesses are
struggling in
the current economic climate.
It can only be applied for where a business has taken on a graduate through the
wage subsidy scheme and the graduate has been in place for eight weeks.
Hambleton District Council (HDC) may offer a grant to SMEs where the recruitment
of a graduate within the Hambleton scheme warrants it. The business’ trading
address must be located within the boundaries of Hambleton.
Where the following is directly related to the graduate internship, the grant could
the provision and adaptation of appropriate buildings - including building work,
conversion work, tting out costs - but it excludes the purchase or lease of
installation and provision of services to premises
purchase and installation of machinery and equipment - not the lease of
additional external training for the graduate
intial design and production costs for marketing - not ‘on costs’ such as printing
help towards the purchase of ICT equipment (hardware and software) and ICT
How much?
Grants can be up to £1000 on a 75/25 match funding basis - with the business
contributing 25%.
Projects will only be considered when a detailed case has been prepared and
submitted by the applicant. This should include:
full details of the project
a detailed explanation of how the grant will assist the business and the graduate
two estimates of the specic costs for which a grant is being sought.
General Conditions
1 The business trading address of the company must be located within the
Hambleton district and preferably also the private address of the principal of the
2 The project must demonstrate it has a direct benet to the graduate.
3 Approval must be gained prior to eligible expenditure being undertaken and may be
subject to specic conditions deemed appropriate by the district council. All grant
applications will be submitted to a panel for approval - any monies spent before
approval are at the applicants own risk.
4 In cases where businesses or individuals have outstanding debts to HDC, payment
of funding will be withheld until these accounts are cleared.
5 The applicant must be able to demonstrate that they have secured any necessary
permission or licenses required before any grant money is released - copies of these
will be required as evidence when a claim is made.
6 The business must match fund the grant on a 75/25 basis, with the business
contributing 25%.
7 Applicants who receive a grant will be expected to allow ofcers of the council
access to inspect items that have been the subject of aid, at reasonable notice, or
provide such other information as may be considered necessary in order to monitor
the effectiveness of the grant in generating new employment.
8 After a period of three months and up to 12 months depending on the project, the
council will ask the recipient to make a brief progress report on the use made of the
grant and how the business has faired in meeting the goals and objectives specied
in the original application.
9 If the graduate placement is terminated mid-term, for whatever reason, the
business will be liable to return on a pro rata basis the wage subsidy or support
grant offered based on the remaining percentage of the internship period
Please read the guidance notes before completing this
form - for
more information call the Business and Economy
Team on 01609 767058.
Business Details
Business Name:
Business Address:
Business Registration Number:
Nature of Business:
Date Started Trading:
What Sector - retail, manufacturing, services?
Does your business currently pay PAYE and
NI contributions?
If yes, how do you currently pay your
staff - cheque, BACS, cash?
Is your business VAT registered?
Business Ownership details - Limited/
Contact Name:
Contact Position:
Telephone Number:
Total number of employees at start of
Full Time Employees:
Part Time Employees:
Micro - Less than 10 employees:
Small - Less than 50 employees:
Medium - Less than 250 employees:
Annual turnover (if known):
Annual balance sheet total (if known):
Do you have any outstanding debts with
Does any other organisation own more
than a quarter of your business?
Is your business a Social Enterprise?
Are you happy for HDC to do a credit check of
your company?
Graduate Information
Graduate name:
Date appointed:
Type of Graduate Internship - role:
Graduation date:
Contact Information
Telephone number:
Mobile number:
Project Costs
What will the Support Grant
be used for? (please supply two
Project Costs
Support Grant
Requested (£)
Support Grant
as a % of Total
Project Costs
Marketing and Publicity
How did you hear about this scheme?
If you were successful with this application
would your business and the graduate be
happy to be involved in future publicity?
State Aid
Please complete the table below if you have received any public grants or assistance in
the last three years.
NB: you may be at risk of clawback of other public funds if you do not declare all
relevant assistance and/or exceed the stated limit. And be aware that European
Commission auditors may decide to audit your records for state aid.
Name of Provider
Name of Grant
assistance provided
Date payment/
assistance received
Amount in £
Grant Information
What will the grant be used for?
How will this assist the business and the graduate?
Grant Information continued...
Other information that may be useful to the application:
Debts owed to Hambleton District Council
Please give details of money owed to HDC:
In debtor Amount in £
Declaration of Interest
Are any of the senior managers of your
business related to any member or ofcer
of the council or is a member or ofcer of
the council?
If yes, please give name and relationship/
Data Protection
The personal information collected on this form will be dealt with according to the
Data Protection Act 2018. Please see further details on our website at
If you require further information about how your data is processed please contact
Veritau Ltd. our Data Protection Ofcer. Contact details:
Information Governance Ofce, Veritau Ltd, County Hall, Racecourse Lane, .
Northallerton DL7 8AL
Tel: 01609 532526
HDC’s privacy notice is available by hard copy upon request from Veritau Ltd. The Busi-
ness and Economy privacy notice only applies to sole traders.
Company Declaration - to be signed by Business Owner,
Company or Finance Director
I conrm that the information contained in this application is correct to the best
of my knowledge and
belief and I understand that if I supply false/incomplete
information or if I fail to notify HDC of any relevant changes of circumstance, any
money outstanding to the council will be recovered in full
I declare that the project proposed is not the subject of other applications for
nancial support, other
than those detailed within the application form
I understand that there is no automatic entitlement to nancial assistance towards
the project
I authorise the council to verify any information provided and conrm that they can
check my accounts
to ensure that they are up to date (Council Tax, non-domestic rates).
Signature: Position:
Print Name: Date:
Please return the completed application to:
Business and Economy Team,
Hambleton District
Council, Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Rotary Way,
Northallerton DL6 2UU 01609 767058
Alternatively complete form on line at:
For office use only:
Postcode/ward (Eligible Area):
SME/Credit Safe check complete?
Under 12 months?
Eligibility checked?
Project managers confirmation
Project managers signature:
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