Graduate Internship
Wage Subsidy
Application Form
and Guidance Notes
Linking graduates with business
The graduate internship wage subsidy scheme is aimed at s
mall and medium enterprises
in Hambleton - there are no sector restrictions. The internship must be for a minimum
of three months, with the scheme open to graduates of any UK university who have
completed their studies within the last three years.
The business must meet all the criteria:
employ less than 250 people
be based in Hambleton
have an annual turnover under £50 million
have been trading for at least three months
must be willing to pay at least half of the gross wage of the internship
be creating a full time internship
not have any outstanding debts with Hambleton District Council (HDC)
pass due diligence investigations related to credit safe checks, insurance and health
and safety.
Please complete the application form overleaf using the following guidelines:
there must be a system in place to pay wages to the new employee. If you do not
have this set up, perhaps because you do not currently employ anyone, continue
with the application and we can advise you on putting the required system in place
please provide a job description
we need to know the hourly rate of pay - which must be at least the national
Minimum Wage rate for the employee’s age band
we will need an estimated start date
the job needs to be accessible to people who live in this area - it must be based in
you must sign the declaration before you submit your application (if the application
is submitted online you will be asked to sign a paper copy if your application is
we would like to know how you heard about the scheme so that we can assess our
marketing and help us develop future marketing approaches.
Even if you do not qualify for this scheme, we may be able to
offer some further advice.
Please read the Fact Sheet for Employers covering the
Wage Subsidy and Support Grant before completing this
form. For
more information call the Business and Economy
Team on 01609 767058.
Business Details
Business Name:
Business Address:
Business Registration Number:
Nature of Business:
Date Started Trading:
What Sector - retail, manufacturing, services?
Does your business currently pay PAYE and
NI contributions?
If yes, how do you currently pay your
staff - cheque, BACS, cash?
Is your business VAT registered?
Business Ownership details - Limited/
Contact Name:
Contact Position:
Telephone Number:
Total number of employees at start of
Full Time Employees:
Part Time Employees:
Micro - Less than 10 employees:
Small - Less than 50 employees:
Medium - Less than 250 employees:
Annual turnover (if known):
Annual balance sheet total (if known):
Do you have any outstanding debts with
Does any other organisation own more
than a quarter of your business?
Is your business a Social Enterprise?
Are you happy for HDC to do a credit check of
your company?
Health and Safety
Do you have employer liability and public
liability insurance in place?
Policy Number:
Name of Insurance Company:
Expiry Date:
Do you have a written health and
safety policy?
Do you undertake appropriate training for
all members of staff, including graduates
who may be placed with you?
Do you have disabled access?
Graduate Internship Information
Are you willing to pay at least half the
gross wage cost of the new graduate
internship job?
Has the proposed graduate internship
post existed in your business in the last
12 months?
If yes, what happened to this job previously?
Why does your business need this new graduate internship employee - are you
growing your business or making changes?
Graduate Internship Information continued...
Briey describe the graduate internship opportunity job including title and
main duties with the addition of an attached job description:
Will the employee be offered any training
- including on-the-job training?
If yes, please give details:
What will the hourly rate be?
How many hours a week will the
employee work?
When do you want the internship to start? / /20
Where will the employee’s workplace be?
(include address if different to business’ address)
Marketing and Publicity
How did you hear about this scheme?
If you were successful with this application
would your business and the graduate be
happy to be involved in future publicity?
State Aid
Please complete the table below if you have received any public grants or assistance in
the last three years.
NB: you may be at risk of clawback of other public funds if you do not declare all
relevant assistance and/or exceed the stated limit. Be aware that auditors may decide
to audit your records for state aid.
Name of Provider
Name of Grant
assistance provided
Date payment/
assistance received
Amount in £
Declaration of Interest
Are any of the senior managers of your
business related to any member or ofcer of
the council or is a member or ofcer of the
If yes, please give name and relationship/role:
Are any of the senior managers of your
business related to the graduate?
If yes, please give name and relationship/role:
Data Protection
The personal information collected on this form will be dealt with according to the
Data Protection Act 2018. Please see further details on our website at
If you require further information about how your data is processed please contact
Veritau Ltd. our Data Protection Ofcer. Contact details: Information Governance Ofce,
Veritau Ltd, County Hall, Racecourse Lane, Northallerton DL7 8AL Tel: 01609 532526
HDC’s privacy notice is available by hard copy upon request from Veritau Ltd. The Busi-
ness and Economy privacy notice only applies to sole traders.
Company Declaration - to be signed by Business Owner,
Company or Finance Director
In signing this agreement you agree and declare that:
the details given on this form are correct to the best of my knowledge. I am willing to
provide evidence to conrm the information provided in this form to an independent
auditor in response to a reasonable request and am aware that I may be asked to
provide this information at any time.
the graduate internship is new to the business, represents a net increase in the
number of employees and is not replacing an employee who has been made
redundant in the last 12 months - and new recruitment under this scheme is not
made at the expense of an existing employee
the business has been operational for at least three months, is registered with
Companies House (where applicable) and has all the required policies and
insurances in place for employing staff (Health and Safety, Public Liability, Employers
Liability and Professional Indemnity)
we are bound by the terms of the grant and understand that we must provide the
required nancial information in order to claim the wage subsidy from the council
the grant award is discretionary and the council and any other organisation
associated with this scheme is within their rights to refuse an award and is not
obliged to give any reason for refusal
we will inform the council within ve working days, if the subsidised employment
ends or changes at any stage for any reason within the grant period
that the council may terminate the contract and recover any grant payments made
to the business that the council deems have been inappropriately used and/or the
business in no longer eligible for
we will pay at least 50% of the gross wage cost for the grant period
the council can discuss and exchange information in this application with other
departments in the council and with any other organisation associated to this
scheme before approving the grant and for the duration of the grant period
the council can cross check other records it may hold with reference to the business
the council can retain this application form and all supporting documentation
beyond the grant period
the signatory of this declaration is a duly authorised agent for the business.
Signature: Position:
Print Name: Date:
Please return the completed application to:
Business and Economy Team,
Hambleton District
Council, Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Rotary Way,
Northallerton DL6 2UU
Alternatively complete form on line at:
For office use only:
Postcode/ward (Eligible Area):
SME/Credit Safe check complete?
Under 12 months?
Eligibility checked?
Project managers confirmation
Project managers signature:
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