Guest student procedures
If you are obtaining a degree from The University of Akron and wish to attend another institution as a
guest student, The University of Akron as the “home institution” will disburse your financial aid. You can
only receive financial aid from one institution.
Prior to processing, you should provide the following to the Office of Student Financial Aid:
All FAFSA data, loan applications and/or Summer Aid Application.
Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement. You must complete and sign section I of the form below.
Transient permission from the dean of the appropriate college at UA, approving the visiting work.
After approval, Office of Student Financial Aid will send the consortium forms to the visited
A copy of registration at the visited institution.
If you will be participating in a Study Abroad program as a guest student, you must also submit
official, documented program costs from the institution sponsoring the program.
If you are attending The University of Akron as a guest, you should contact your home institution for
financial aid disbursement.
Important notes
Work Study and UA scholarships will not be available during the guest term.
You must maintain standards of satisfactory progress
. To calculate this progress and continue to
receive financial aid, you must submit a copy of your grade transcript at the end of your guest
If you have a student loan, you must request enrollment verification from the institution you will
be attending.
Your funds will be disbursed to you according to UA disbursement dates.
Completion of this agreement does not ensure payment of fees. It is your responsibility to pay
your fees on time.
The University of Akron
Office of Student Financial Aid
302 E. Buchtel Ave.
Akron, OH 44325-6211
330-972-7032 Office
330-972-7139 Fax
Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement
The University of Akron and
(home institution) (host institution)
Section I to be completed by the student
Name Soc. Sec. # ID #
Address Phone
Email address
Transient term semesterquarter  Year
Host I
nstitution Information
ess Phone
Financial aid contact
Under this consortium agreement, I understand I must:
1. Be enrolled in a degree, certificate, or other recognized credential program at The University of Akron.
2. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as required by The University of Akron. (view policy at, )
3. Immediately notify The University of Akron’s Student Financial Aid Office of any change in enrollment
status at the Visited School, including withdrawing from all courses or substitution of approved courses.
4. Submit a copy of the Transient Permission Form, completed and signed by the dean of my college.
5. Register for the courses approved on the Transient Permission Form.
6. Provide a copy of my schedule at the Visited School.
7. Pay all tuition, fees and other charges at the Visited School according to their payment schedule.
8. Any balanced owed to The University of Akron prior to the term for which you are seeking Transient
Permission must be paid in full.
9. Provide official transcript to the Registrars Office upon completion of the semester.
By my signature below, I understand that I can only receive financial aid from one institution during each term, and if I do not
comply with the above requirements, I will not be in compliance with the federal regulations as set forth by the United States
Department of Education. Non-compliance may result in reduction or cancellation of my financial aid.
Student signature Date